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    • By Que
      I'm new here and was delighted to find this org with its intentions. Have my small fleet that are mostly focused on industrial and exploration. 
      What I offer is in the areas of planning at a strategical and operational level. 
      See you all in the verse!
    • By Corinzio
      Hello guys, 
      My name is Mirko from Italy.

      See u in the verse!

    • By CaptWolf
      Hey guys I have the aurora starter pack but I have a couple other ships such as the Gladiator and the Andrometa. Probably spelled that wrong lol but you know what it is! Can't wait to join you all and see you in the verse!
    • By VoA
      STAR CITIZEN Forum categories 3.5.0 PTU Discussion and Feedback       STAFF Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG [PTU Feedback] Updated Thruster Heat: What ships work poorly?
        Pinned Discussion Today at 6:39 am Greetings,

      We have updated thruster heat with the goal of significantly increasing the time it takes to overheat during normal use, with the goal of having it happen only rarely. Ships should still overheat relatively quickly when using afterburner. However, we have a lot of flight ready ships with a myriad of configurations. If you discover a ship that isn't operating as well as others, let us know below!

      RSI Player Experience Analyst March 27, 2019

      Greetings Citizens!

      Star Citizen Alpha 3.5.0 is now available for you to play on PTU!

      This round of testing includes all Concierge, Subscribers, and Evocati, and introduces the new flight model along with ArcCorp, playable female characters, character customization, and the redesigned 300i.

      Feel free to check out all of the details in the 3.5.0 Patch Notes, and don't forget to head over to PTU Test Chat on Spectrum to join your fellow Citizens.

      If you're having trouble copying your account to the PTU or installing the RSI PTU Launcher, please refer to the PTU Installation Guide for assistance.

      Last but certainly not least, don't forget to post all your bugs to the Issue Council!

      Happy hunting and see you in the 'Verse!
      RSI Player Relations
    • By Lord_Of_The_Potatoe
      Hi, my name is Lord_Of_The_Pot and I would love to join your organisation!
      My fleet is neither large or mighty but it works for me. It consists of:
      1 Drake Cutlass Black
      It may not be much but there is definitely something I can offer to the organisation
      Hope to see you all in the verse.
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