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    • By Aethio
      Didn't see a topic on the subject so just thought I'd throw it out there --
      3.3's coming with a really awesome new feature called Object Container Streaming. In a nutshell, this is the godsend that those of us with limited stocks of RAM have been asking for.
      Basically, it helps out a lot with one of the biggest issues plaguing SC in terms of performance, and that is the presence of too many objects. This issue is (one) of the reasons that a lot of people (me) experience a lot better framerate in Arena Commander than in the PU... the client in <3.2 needs to load pretty much all objects in the immediate container simultaneously. A container could be as large as a solar system for reference (it is the object that holds all other objects, such as ships, stations, planets, ships on planets, people in stations, etc. inside of it, that the client needs to track... you can see why it's a drain on RAM)
      OCS migitates this issue by offloading objects on the client's RAM to the server, as much as possible. So, if you jump from one planet to another, all objects tracked in the previous planet would then be offloaded from your computer back onto the server, while the server then will send you the new entities present at the next planet... RAM doesn't have to track both objects simultaneously.
      Something else noted in the OCS RTV -- something called distance offloading -- an object will offload (roughly) at x distance times y size. Meaning, objects will be offloaded in a similar fashion described above if they are beyond your perceptual radius. For instance, if travelling away from a planet in SCM, with a small ship (i.e. an Aurora) and a large ship (i.e. Constellation) right at your departure point, the Aurora will be offloaded  first (as it vanishes beyond the radius of your view), the Constellation second, and then the planet eventually (though it would take a ridiculously long time)
      TL;DR it is a huge performance upgrade that should really help out with the game's voracious RAM appetite 😊
      (edit: What to expect from OCS/ABS in 3.3 (FAQ/Guide) here's a nice and pretty forums thread about it by RSI @UrsaPolaris)
    • By Dabclipers
      I realize that likely nobody knows the exact time it's going live, but I was wondering when everyone thinks we can expect 3.3 to hit the servers?  I was under the impression it was supposed to be available yesterday.
    • By LowZone
      3.2 PTU is now open to concierge and subscribers:
    • By Fintz
      3.1 testing expanded for Concierge and Subscribers 

    • By Gallitin
      Great watch and explains/answers a lot of questions.
      Is Star Citizen 3.0 Server Capped - "Why I get playable frames... and others don't" - #nobullshit