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Freelancer - 2.0

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Teller has been one of my favorite Star Citizen video producers for a long time (right up there with Anything FPS).  He did a fabulous job comparing the old and new Freelancer with this video.  Some may consider this a "Spoiler"..... but I do not (if you think so then don't watch the video).  Teller often takes the data files from the latest published builds (basically nuggets that CIG knows will be found by users like Teller) then brings them into Cry Engine.  Note this is not official since it is not published by CIG - but it is from their Data files.

I think they did a great job on the New Freelancer with its size / update / etc..... - What do you think? :wub:


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 I have started to notice in ATV and RTV episodes lately that have started to make note of upcoming updates and the Lancer is noted in both, but consequently as an afterthought. Clearly the team is more focused on the "original" brainchild the Connie. But with the finishing up (hopefully very soon) I like to this the Lancer would be the next Med size ship to focus on. 


Has anyone heard any timelines on anticipated release of Freelancer 2.0?

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Really shows that CIG is taking practical design and usable space seriously. I can't wait 5 years from now and what ships will be like. Once the PTU goes live it will be really interesting how all the metrics and meta game influence ship design.

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      Now that I think about it, its amazing to see how 15 years could change this to this... hell, even when I glanced at the development section in Freelancer's wiki page, the similarities between Freelancer's and SC's scope and development process/hardships are striking:
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      TheNOOBIFIER1337 along with Aces High and Enemy Contact, had an 8v8 match, where they tried a method of dropping troops onto the Security post from a Freelancer.  The timing was spot on: