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The Tiberium Corporation Embassy [EN/FR]

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Good morning, evening, afternoon, night etc. I know you guys are around the clock. What i'm here for is simple. Introduce you to my organization. Say hello, Org !

That's right. She's nice and quiet, rough on the edges but it's what we call home. We are the remains of what used to be the DSC (Deep Space Corsairs, former PACT org). Oh, i forgot to tell you that we're also part of the PACT, as per being the bulk of then-DSC.

TIBERIUM has been founded based on hope: Former mercenaries, we were abandoned by our hierarchy in the middle of one of the most hostile places in the universe. Cornered on a derelict planet and facing a barbarian occupation, we have overcome the biggest challenge possible: Survive, thus braving the dangers of Tiber II, also known under the monicker of Tomb. And it is precisely to safeguard and spread this knowledge that we decided to create our corporation in September 2944.

That's for the history.

I'm also the representative for this bunch of happy people to the PACT (By the way, we're all French, 'xcept me, i hold two nationalities) . I can also do diplomacy, but i don't really like it, to be fair. I can speak 4 languages, of which english, obviously, otherwise i wouldn't be here. French and Spanish are both my mother languages, and a good lot of Italian (although i still make mistakes, 'because i started learning it last year at work. Goddamn Italians can't speak another language than theirs :P  (jk guys, take it easy, i love everyone :) )

If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate. I don't bite, trust me :D

Dis be the website:  http://www.tiberium.ovh/

Dis be the RSI Org page : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TIBERIUM
Dis be the recruitment topic : https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/192882//p1

Warm regards, love all ya'll.

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