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Derek Smart Does not Represent the Star Citizen Community

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Derek Smart is wasting a talent with toxicity when some study and guided practice, with a little counseling on how to accept criticism, could turn him from grr troll into haha troll.

Well, those options in addition to a well researched regimen of serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and maybe Lithium, he'll be better for it..

(couldn't help myself)

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The main point basically is, DS doesn't share our aspirations and dreams. His actions, serves no purpose other than to fuel his overly-misguided ego.

While a couple more thousand backers, old and new, added another 2 million in pledges over the course of... a week?


He probably can try to list an Indiegogo funding request for his LoD but we all know it's gonna be S***. Sorry but that's reality.

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The only thing I would send DS is 1) a retail copy of SC signed by CR, 2) a bag of gummy dicks through dicksbymail.com



It would be great if those are like those famous gummy bears that give you violent diarrhea.

Just done by Kate Russell (kateclick at the BBC - her twitter is @katerussell)

That was entertaining!

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When the Endeavor sale was looming, I planned on setting myself up with the base hull and one module set.  The new pledge to CIG would have possibly been less $400 in melt value.  I expected about a $600 price, which would have meant $200 to $600 in new pledge funds from me, probably leaning toward $200 once my ol' lady got her say.  Instead, since 30 September, I've spent $595 in new pledge money.  When I showed this recent drama to my ol' lady, she understood exactly why I chose to do that.  The only time she doesn't have a say about how I spend my money is when I feel compelled by a greater moral imperative.  

I'm probably done pledging for a few months, and then I'm going to pledge more in small amounts, such as building up to 24 months total prime subscription time, from my current three months.  And that's for the same reason that I pledged more this month than I may have without this drama.  

This month has been a statement.  When I backed CIG, I backed a project.  And the support toward that project's completion is not complete until the project is.  DS, no DS, whatever.  It changes nothing.  And considering the flood of new pledge money this month, there is no greater evidence that DS does not represent us.  He thought he was stirring up FUD among customers.  But calling us "customers" greatly diminishes what this really is.  He didn't realize that we're committed to seeing this through because he can only see what he wants to see.


edit: Remember what I said in a recent post about how even basic math skills decay?  So does basic memory.  I have to actually go back and look at numbers before I can even remember them.  Aging sucks.

edit2: When I saw Oliver Platt in the background of one of the mocap studio shots during the citcon presentation, I gave him a mental high five for my making this statement this month.  That may sound weird, but only if you don't know: Oliver Platt has super powers.  He can sense awesome around the world, and teleports to it.

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I don't know what will happen the following months, but I do think CIG needs to open their doors to the press and show their side of the story.

People have short memory and seem to forget that The Witcher 3 dev suffered similar accusations :

And I quote :

 "The bullsh**ting with the Witcher 3 started from day one. PR is creating an overblown vision of a game that doesn't exist while the team is in crazy crunch time for over a year now."

Sounds similar?

We all know now how The Witcher 3 turned out and how the above accusations seem so ridiculous now.

DS has up until this day, done nothing to prove his claims. No documents, nothing. We are still waiting for his so called legal process. 

Meanwhile we have developers at CIG that do support Sandi, Chris Roberts and are happy to work there. So there is more than one side of the story.

CIG main problem is the same as many other game developers. They often have to push their release dates.

Truth is if you look at what CIG has been showing, they are keeping with pretty much every promise they did.

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You mean more open than they already are?

What do you mean by "Meanwhile we have developers at CIG that do support Sandi, Chris Roberts and are happy to work there."


He means in the midst of the drama with "inside sources" saying that she is evil incarnate and runs around berating everyone.

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It's not as big of a target.

And DS has had it in for Chris ever since he released Wing Commander back in 1990 which went down in history as a blockbuster classic while DS was mucking around with his Battlecruiser 3000AD which went down in history as the most bug-ridden shovelware crap in history.

This is the same person who wrote a letter to Origin and me after Wing Commander was out claiming that we were infringing on his game and we had to cease publishing it or he would sue us. We told him we never heard of him and good luck with that. He never sued. His game was, of course, the now infamous Battlecruiser 3000AD that would take many more years to come out (I think I shipped four Wing Commanders before his game came out).

So DS has been brewing on this for 25 years and now Chris is back with Star Citizen while DS is once again mucking around with his latest shovelware crap Line of Defense and sees history repeating itself.

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Not to be surprised. While we may not hear about the Escapist again, the legal issues around it will be continuing behind the scenes. And DS, with CitCon just released, has to do something about it...

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Well, he could choke on his palpable jealousy.

I'm curious why Beer was working with him though. That doesn't suggest anything close to well-intentioned skepticism on Beer's part. We all have questions about the direction of the project, duration, etc., but we don't go to EA with them.

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