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Want to Buy Looking for good Firefall Account

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I've got an old beta account with several lvld up frames, some decent gear (for the time) and even a locust chopper.

If I recall, Bastion/Engineer, Heavies, and Assault types are where most of my lvls are, not much in recon/sniper or medic types.

Probably a ton of goodies on there too, I don't even remember what.

The chopper alone is $100, the rest of the account is no charge.  Can't complain about that can you?

It was so fun when I found a server-crashing bug and had Swarley take my character data to a test server for debugging.


Bastion with all sorts of good deployable modules and bonuses + a mix of HK module (AP Turret) from base frame is a pretty sick build.


Edit: If I recall correctly, there was a system implemented to where you need pilot tokens to unlock new frames now.  I unlocked EVERYTHING in the beta before it became difficult to do + I have leftover tokens/goodies.   You seriously could not find a better deal on an account.  If you are satisfied with the deal and feel it was worth a bit more to you, I won't complain if you kick in some extra later!


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The chopper is no longer worth anything :P (in a few months in fact it will be craft-able without the need for RL money, along with celestial wings and more)

There's been a ton of changes to the game since Firefall went to live. I am actually looking mainly for lots of credits as well as modules (since the gear will be character bound). This would be one of my alts. The credits would honestly be the deciding factor for the value.

That said, I am currently obtaining an account with some decent credit/item value, so let me get back to you on this (in the meantime perhaps let me know what the account has specifically :) )

Edit: The seller had proven to be problematic, there was no proof of an account only excuses as to why I couldn't get the login info (after paypal payment). That said I am still looking for a good credit/module account.


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