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Complete WTS: Full account, Gladiator and 300i 6m insurance

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Due to less time to play computer games and greater need of money I've decided to sell my account. Sadly I cannot gift the ships as I've melted earlier purshases. 

The account has all the rewards from original and backers reward.

Ships on the account is Gladiator package and 300i stand alone ship. Arena commander pass is also on the account.


Total spent on the account is $275

however, that includes a mousepad for $35

I want $180 for the account. Payment over paypal


(1) Account sales are in clear violation of RSI's terms of service, and are at high risk of being terminated at any time
(2) The original owner will remain the legal owner of the account except in specific jurisdiction where local laws that supersede RSI's EULA allows for account transfers
I (seller) promise to abandon my account, agreeing to never attempt to recover said account via RSI or any other means. As per RSI's EULA all accounts remain the original account owner and RSI's sole property




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      I'm looking to sell all my Endeavor modules from the 2018 sale. Are are in my hangar and are ready to be gifted. What is included is in the image attached. These are being sold individually for only 5$ more per module than base price. My prices listed below.
      -Array $130 USD
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      130$ paypal
      write me your discord name here, or pm me
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      best regards