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KUNG FURY Official Movie [HD]


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Oh god, my brain!  It is like mainlining everything that was horrifying about the '80s.  Pretty much spent the last 25 years trying to forget that decade, and now all that work has been undone.  I hope you're proud of yourself.

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    • By Psychopath
      so i got my hornet model FINALLY! but well yeah dunno why its misplaced the glass case for it. well some nice pics of the new model i guess

    • By Wu Jen
      Posted: 9:59PM   Hey guys!

      I know there’s been a lot of discussion over the decision to make the M50 and the 350R “permanent” sale ships instead of keeping them as limited time offerings. I posted earlier to talk about our thought process, and now I have an update with you. After talking with the team and a number of backers, we’ve decided to change this plan and keep the M50 and 350R as limited pledge ships. The current sale will run through Monday, September 22nd, after which these racers will not be available.

      If you’re looking for a permanently available race ship for the Murray Cup mode, though, never fear! At least one more ship will be available in the near future, a racing variant of the Consolidated Outland Mustang (which you’ve already seen in AMD livery.) Our goal in changing the status of the Origin ships was to keep racing-oriented ships available for new backers for the cool new Murray Cup mode, and the Mustang should fulfill this need! I’m sorry for the confusion, and for any upset over the intended status change.

      And before the debate continues: the intent is not to treat particular backers as above anyone else, it is to keep our promises as best we possibly can. We won’t always get that right on the first try, but we will try as hard as we can in the long run. So, if you want a M50 or a 350R in the near term, they’ll be available for the next ten days! After that… we have some cool surprises for dedicated racers going forward!
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      Hey everyone! The questions kinda in the title. Which Total War is (in your own opinion) the best? If you prefer a DLC of one game then just choose the game in which the DLC is apart of. So I am interested in your answers. Thank you in advance 
      -the DT
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