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    • By UnityBeing
      I’m selling rare lti and 2 year modules for the Retaliator .
      Dropship LTI for 150usd
      Torpedo front bay 24 month insurance for 150 usd
      Torpedo rear bay 24 month insurance for 120 usd 
      they selling fast so contact me if interested, paypal fees +4%.

    • By V888
      Just logged into my 3 year old SC account to find out I can gift my Constellation Andromeda I paid 275$ for. I have stopped playing this game so I am looking to sell the whole account or just the ship and I will gift it to the buyer. I also dont know how to sell an account so a buyer would have to walk me through that. If buyer can pay with BTC or ETH I can sell it for 139$

    • By UnityBeing
      I have two very rare Hartwell Music Sentinel 88G pianos from Star citizen on sale. Each being sold at 250 usd (including pp invoice fees)  - PM me for a deal. 

    • By ixerer
      Hello, as we live in tough times, I need to get rid of some ships.
      First one I would like to sell is  AEGIS RETALIATOR

      Price: SOLD
      I accept cryptocurrency only, preferably Bitcoin.(PayPal always puts my money on hold- if you can help me on how to fix it I would be grateful if you could PM me)
      As I am new to the forum I will be happy to go first(trusted members) 
    • By ChiefWarrant
      Want to sell standalone ship - WTS AEGIS JAVELIN - WARBOND - ILW2950 LTI
      $2700 plus Paypal fees 
      At COST !!!!... Just trying to help out those that missed the F5 war
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