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It's not just baby face, it's my face :D when i was a baby ofc.

Well, i'll change it, if u think so :(

And thus a baby face. :parrot:

Btw to which part are you referring now?
The "It totally is!" was just a joke.
Or because I said it's weird? Everything is weird to me.
Even I'm weird to me.

Actually it's normal, too. So it's my normal weirdness.
Ok, that's going overboard now.

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It's not just baby face, it's my face :D when i was a baby ofc.

Well, i'll change it, if u think so :(

Considering I can get away with my avatar (by the skin of my teeth) - I don't see how yours could be considered offensive, especially considering that it's your own face :)

Now if it was just some random kid from the internet or where-ever then yeah - might be an issue, but seeing as its not - I don't see an issue.

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