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Looking for a nice Forum Sig

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    • By EI2EBUS
      Hello.    I haven't bought a pledge yet but I'm learning as much as I can before buying.   Before I do buy a pledge I want to know for sure what I'm planning to do works.   So when I first heard of the game I immediately fell in love. It was all I could ask for in a game. When I came across the F7C-S Hornet Ghost, while browsing different ships, I knew that this would be my ship. However, I had doubts because I wasn't sure what the capabilities of this ship and other ships were. After days of research, I came across this VIDEO. The very aspect that the F7C-S Hornet Ghost cannot be locked on by missiles was the main reason why I decided to buy this ship.   My aim is to find a loadout for the F7C-S Hornet Ghost that is able to be invisible to missiles and target locking while being able to maximize damage output.   To my knowledge, ballistic weapons except for gatling type weapons have lower EM or IR signatures compared to lasers and others.   What I have in though right now is this loadout: all weapons ballistic & fixed.   N4-160F Turret & C4-160F Hornet Ball Turret= 16,500 REC (Super Hornet Price)   Nose:
      9-Series Long Sword X2= 800 REC   Wings:
      Tarantula GT 870 MK2 X2= 1800 REC   Ball Turret:
      Tarantula GT 870 MK2 X2= 1800 REC   Shield:
      MARK 404-ID= 1500 REC

      Since I don't own the game yet I was wondering if someone could test this setup and work from here down by changing weapons, engines, coolers, etc.
    • By TheGreatWars
      Im trying to get my RSI forums signature to be this:

      Cant seem to get the code right. Anyone know anything that could help that would be great.
    • By Ironman993
      hey guys, looking someone with talent to create me a SC sig for forums. 
      I will gladly offer you a Star Citizen Starter Package worth 30 USD. These are limited time only and are sold out fast. 
      PM me for details.
      I know nothing in this world is free so I am not going to charge any money for this package, I too want people to join the SC universe and experience this fantastic game but the only thing I charge is your time to create a nice sig!
      So essentially, I am offering this starter package for free in return for a signature.  I prefer the package be given to someone who does not have a package or does not have the means to acquire one. 
    • By kabirgph
      Good morning everyboyd. Can someone please tell me the procedure to include any link in my signature? I want to include the following link in my signature: ezgrinders.com/brands/space-case.html.
      Thank you very much.
    • By VoA
      Wanted to post this for Star Citizen Base = Since it is for all the community (not just Imperium).  We have an awesome Media team at Imperium that custom makes our signatures for us  .... but for those that don't ---->>>  Check out this link below:
      Star Citizen Signature Generator for the official forums - by Watanka.