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    • By zeus_anoxia
      Selling a Genesis Starliner that has been CCU'd from an LTI P72 Archimedes.
      This is a standalone ship, NOT a game package.
      what you get:
      Standalone ship Genesis Starliner - LTI
      SelfLand Hangar
      Takuetsu P-72 Archimedes model
      P-72 Archimedes Poster
      Price: $335/320€ Melt value: $400
    • By Wu Jen
      Looking to buy 1 of each of the following ships.
      MISC Endeavor Master Set
      Genesis Starliner
      Hull A
      PM if your looking to get rid of one of these ships.
      Thank you!
    • By Hudute
      Want to sell my Starliner Genesis for USD580, have some trade history over on reddit if you want to check, links are below. Verified paypal only, middleman upon Buyers request. Buyer pays any fees.
      EDIT: Done. Taking this ad down.

    • By mr52jen
      For sale Prices dropped 
      Ship Insurance Type Sale Price Status Screenshot Vanduul Scythe LTI Original Standalone $1000 on hold Screenshot Genesis Starliner LTI CCU'd from P72-Standalone $360 on hold Screenshot Rear Admiral Physical LTI Original Package Was $300 
      now $285 SOLD Screenshot Super Hornet F7C-M LTI Original Standalone Was $180
      now $175 SOLD Screenshot TimeZone (GMT+10)

      I am in Cairns (Australian Eastern Standard Time) so please remember I may not be able to respond quickly if you are in a different timezone. Thanks!

      Must be PayPal Verified Buyer pays PayPal Fees If middleman is required buyer covers fees Invoice will be provided Ship will be gifted to your PayPal email Gift must be claimed within 24 hours My Trading History
      February January October September
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