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Great Lore Post on the Vanduul This Day in History: The First Step Back





February 16, 2712 SET


The First Step Back

There was silence after the first Vanduul attack in 2681. Once the UEE figured out that they were dealing with an entirely new species, Humanity braced itself for… something. Though the military prepared for the possibility of diplomatic contact, the brutality of the attack on the Dell Township strongly indicated that second contact would most likely be violent as well. But for weeks, while a fighting force of UEE Navy and Marines waited, nothing happened.

When the Vanduul did return, it was a small raiding party consisting of a dozen fighters and Harvester ships. Despite the overwhelming defense force that was waiting for them, the Vanduul attacked without hesitation. This was theUEE military’s first introduction to the Vanduul.

Over the next few years, as the UEE tried to learn about this new civilization, vague hierarchal details were beginning to come into focus. Dr. Arlow Gellis, a renowned anthropologist of the time, released a study exploring Vanduul social dynamics. By comparing the prominent glyphs on the Vanduul ships, he introduced what became known as Clan Theory, in which he hypothesized that the Vanduul organized themselves in self-sufficient groups rather than adopting a species-wide government. As interaction with the Vanduul settled into a prolonged series of light skirmishes, Gellis’s theory became more and more accepted, and a sense developed across the Empire that neither diplomacy nor outright war was at all likely.

By all accounts, Imperator Illyana Messer VI and her military weren’t fazed by this development. If anything, the Imperator found the sporadic attacks in Orion to be a convenient tool to help remind the populace why they needed the Imperator’s protection.

When Messer VI named her youngest son, Samuel, as her successor in 2697, the new Imperator took the Vanduul threat even less seriously and seemed to be much more interested in using his newfound power to torment an already subjugated population into further submission.

In the early years of the 28th century, the personality of Orion system changed as well. Armitage became a waystation for soldiers, mercs and pilots looking for a chance to test their mettle against this elusive enemy. Stores began accepting Vanduul tech (and in the more extreme locations: Vanduul corpses) as trade to feed the growing bloodlust of the planet. Records from the era even indicate that hunting parties were organized to go look for Vanduul prey.

This overconfidence was about to be put in its place.

“Bit chilly tonight, guess winter’s not quite done with us. Water farms are cycling down for the night, but I’m gonna keep them in a low run just in case the temp drops. What else … I think Maura’s getting sick, so we’ll probably trek out to Conrad tomorrow and see the doc. I think that’s it. I know you’re probably hoping that this was gonna be that forgiveness comm, but it’s not. I’m not there yet.”

Stamped at 2712-02-16_18:38, that was one of the last civilian comms that left Armitage before a Vanduul fleet invaded the system. The attack force was larger than anything the population had ever seen. Capital ship after capital ship appeared in Orion and unleashed its devastating weapons on the locals.

The Battle of Orion had begun.

The UEE Navy scrambled to mount a defense, but the carrier normally posted to the system had tasked to Caliban to make an example of a growing political activist movement, leaving three destroyers and several frigates to handle the onslaught. The locals banded together with the military while scouts raced back to to alert the fleet.

Battle lines fluctuated for three days on and around the planet of Armitage as support rushed in to help. Despite suffering heavy losses during the initial attack, the Navy had begun to push the Vanduul back toward the jump point while Marines were battling over every scrap of territory on the planet surface.

That’s when the UEE caught its first glimpse of what would become known as a Kingship. Nearly three thousand meters in length, the alien ship dwarfed all of the remaining Naval ships combined. The ships of Humanity’s front line, emboldened at the prospect of victory, were too close to avert their course and were decimated in the Kingship’s first attack.

What transpired after that has been historically described as a slaughter. The remaining Naval forces fled the system to Tiber in the hopes of creating some kind of barricade to stop the Vanduul advance and abandoning the people of Armitage to the Vanduul in the process.

The Vanduul had no interest in pursuit. The Kingship stayed in the system for almost a year as they harvested what they needed from the planets before the Clan disappeared back into Vanduul space.

The Messers had suffered their first decisive military defeat in over a hundred fifty years. News of this defeat and this unstoppable terror at the fringe of the universe terrified the population. Everyone seemed to be asking: was it only a matter of time before the Vanduul pushed further into Human space?

Unfortunately, the answer was yes.


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It is cool that CIG has been holding back on revealing much about the Kr-Thak..... but what about these other two items from the $4.5m stretch-goal.   I think the hidden smuggler asteroid could either be the Asteroid Hangar .... or Nyx (or something like it)........ but what about the Vanduul Trading Posts (anyone hear anything about them)????


  • Star Citizen will launch with 60 star systems.
  • Star Citizen will feature an additional playable ship class, the cruiser.
  • All Kickstarter goals unlocked
    • All backers before October 29, 2012 will start Star Citizen with a Class I Repair Bot in their garage.
    • All backers before November 8, 2012 will start Star Citizen with 500 additional credits.
    • Extended hardcore flight sim controller support: Flight Chairs, multiple monitors, Track-IR, MFD (Multi Function Displays) and more on launch.
    • Star Citizen will feature four additional playable ship classes: Idris class corvette, Origin M50, Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar and destroyers.
    • Star Citizen will feature two additional base types: Vanduul trading posts and hidden smuggler asteroids.
    • Star Citizen will feature an additional alien race, the Kr’Thak.

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So with the Andy Serkis video we got a little sneak peak of some (low quality) rendered Vanduul and we learned some things. These might be spoilers for people who havent watched the video or don't want to so ill put it in a spoiler tag.



We heard some of their language, which internally is named ConLang, short for Constructed Language (not sure if that will be the official name for it or not, I think it sounds cool) and the fact that the Vanduul are bioluminescent and they change their colors and possibly patterns with their emotional state. That latter part's just freekin' cool. I imagine seeing a Vanduul in very low-light or dark surroundings would look really strange and scary as they glow themselves.

Also, apparently the Vanduul kingship's gravity is very low, allowing them to jump from station to station with relative ease.
It might be their prefered gravity, which potentially could mean their species evloved on a planet with less gravity then earth.

Andy Serkis plays Thul'Óqquray and Patrice Maiambana plays Óqquray.
Now.. Chris said that Óqquray is the leader of the Clan so Andy Serkis' Thul character.. might be some kind of title? Someone higher then the clan leader? Or lower, it might be a general of sorts. Unsure at this point but fascinating, for sure.

We also learned Vanduul love to drink a cup of tea:D

Still no update on what the Tevarin look like, unfortunately.
I hope the Kr'thak, if we ever get to see them, will be a non-humanoid species.

I'm dying to learn more now, I think these fictional aliens are very interresting. I've always been a fan of the warrior culture aliens like Klingons.
I wonder what their motivations are, what their culture's inner workings are like..

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Low gravity homeworld was just speculation though. I can recal reading Star Wars EU books that mentioned that capital ships varied their gravity in places where it would be beneficial to run faster and jump higher (hangars as an example). Higher gravity than Earth means more dense bone structure and muscles, and a lower gravity homeworld would indicate better use of oxygen and a much more delicate composition. 

It would be funny if there was a species in a science fiction universe that had developed in low gravity and the easiest way to deal with them was to let them board and crank up the gravity generator.


@VoA It's been mentioned that the Banu trade in limited amounts with the Vanduul, maybe the trading outposts will be Banu-run?

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13 hours ago, Karmaslap said:

Low gravity homeworld was just speculation though. I can recal reading Star Wars EU books that mentioned that capital ships varied their gravity in places where it would be beneficial to run faster and jump higher (hangars as an example). Higher gravity than Earth means more dense bone structure and muscles, and a lower gravity homeworld would indicate better use of oxygen and a much more delicate composition. 

It would be funny if there was a species in a science fiction universe that had developed in low gravity and the easiest way to deal with them was to let them board and crank up the gravity generator.


@VoA It's been mentioned that the Banu trade in limited amounts with the Vanduul, maybe the trading outposts will be Banu-run?

Both Great Points.  

The Vanduul could actually come from a higher gravity world but prefer to operate in battle in a lower gravity environment (which may set up a tactic of theirs to take out the gravity generator on UEE ships as a high priority of theirs if they think low or zero-G combat is an advantage to them).

I also like your point about the Vanduul Trading Posts actually being run by the Banu (since we know in Lore as you suggest that it did happen)

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Somehow I can't imagine a Vanduul trader... :D
I like the idea of Banu running those tradeposts, it kind of makes sense.

The concept art of the vanduul showed them on all fours as well.. that looked really threathening.
Imagine a bunch of Vanduul, on all fours, omniously glowing in the dark.. hurteling down a dark corridor towards you.
I'd piss myself.

The gravity on the Kingship might indeed just be a practical thing and not be connected to gravity on whatever world they came from.

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Kr'thak what do we know about them.



Posted: June 2
Edited: June 2 by WingMan
Well as the creator of the Kr'Thak during the initial funding campaign, I am eagerly waiting to see what they have planned for my babies.

My original idea was that they traded in information and could have information in real time through a secret technology so that they would have a shop in the seedy areas of landing zones that let you find out hints and clues of things about to happen and it would allow you to act upon those before the general populace.

Like if a new Asteroid field rich in gold was discovered, you would find out before others and be able to go stake your claim, or if a dignitary was traveling, you would perhaps get an intercept mission.

More of an information trading race that allowed you a time advantage. And they could travel amongst all races freely giving you tidbits about your enemies too....or allowing you to communicate with someone behind enemy lines in real time.

But that was what I was pitching back in the day, I am sure they have something cooler in mind now.


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Merchantman Constellation Andromeda to Merchantman 99 Consolidated outland Mustang Delta Mustang Gamma to Mustang Delta 21 Consolidated outland Mustang Delta Avenger to Mustang Delta 15 Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner Constellation Aquila to Genesis 157 Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner Carrack to Genesis 78 Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner Caterpillar to Genesis 147 Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner Hull D to Genesis 73 Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner Endeavor to Genesis 73 Drake Interplanetary Buccaneer Cutlass Black to Buccaneer 21 Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar Constellation Andromeda to Caterpillar 49 Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar Constellation Aquila to Caterpillar 31 Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar Retaliator Bomber to Caterpillar 31 Drake Interplanetary Herald 325A to Herald 26 Drake Interplanetary Herald Avenger Titan Renegade to Herald 21 Drake Interplanetary Cutlass Blue F7C-R Hornet Tracker to Cutlass Blue 31 Drake Interplanetary Cutlass Blue Freelancer MAX to Cutlass Blue 31 Drake Interplanetary Cutlass Blue Prospector to Cutlass Blue 21 Esperia Vanduul Blade Constellation Andromeda to Esperia Blade 42 Esperia Esperia Prowler Caterpillar to Esperia Prowler 173 MISC Freelancer MIS Constellation Taurus to Freelancer MIS 26 MISC Endeavor Constellation Aquila to Endeavor 99 MISC Endeavor Orion to Endeavor 52 MISC Endeavor Caterpillar to Endeavor 84 MISC Hull A 300I to Hull A 15 MISC Hull B 325A to Hull B 42 MISC Hull C Constellation Taurus to Hull C 78 MISC Hull C Anvil Terrapin to Hull C 31 MISC Hull D Constellation Aquila to Hull D 105 MISC Hull E Constellation Aquila to Hull E 309 MISC Prospector F7C-S Hornet Ghost to Prospector 26 MISC Prospector Freelancer Dur to Prospector 26 MISC Reliant Kore (Mini Hauler) Avenger Stalker to Reliant Kore (Mini Hauler) 15 MISC Reliant Skirmisher (Tana) Avenger Stalker to Reliant Skirmisher 15 MISC Reliant Researcher (Sen) 325a to Reliant Researcher 15 MISC Reliant Researcher (Sen) 315p to Reliant Researcher 21 MISC Reliant News Van (Mako) 325a to Reliant News Van 26 MISC Reliant News Van (Mako) Reliant Mini Hauler to Reliant News Van 26 MISC Starfarer Constellation Aquila to Starfarer 36 MISC Starfarer Gemini Starfarer to Starfarer Gemini 59 MISC Starfarer Gemini Constellation Aquila to Starfarer Gemini 94 MISC Starfarer Gemini Caterpillar to Starfarer Gemini 68 Origin Jumpworks 350r Cutlass Red to 350r 15 Origin Jumpworks M50 Interceptor Gladius to M50 Interceptor 22 Origin Jumpworks 85X Aurora CL to 85X 15 RSI Polaris Constellation Aquila to RSI Polaris 535 RSI Polaris Carrack to RSI Polaris 456 RSI Polaris Anvil Crucible to RSI Polaris 456 RSI Aurora LX Aurora MR to Aurora LX 13 RSI Orion Constellation Aquila to Orion 73 RSI Orion Caterpillar to Orion 52 RSI Orion Starfarer to Orion 47 Xi'an Khartu-Al Constellation Taurus to Khartu-Al 31 Xi'an Khartu-Al F7C-R Hornet Tracker to Khartu-Al 41 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      To make an order 📨 PM me or send a message via Discord (Furystorm#4218), clickable