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MISC - Lore, Details and Design


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Cool stuff. I can't wait to see more MISC ships.
So.. MISC is known for sharing/buying tech from the Xi'an Aopoa company and using said tech in their ships. While it's clear on the Reliant how this influenced the design, I'm wondering what the actual xi'an tech is on the Freelancer or the Starfarer (if it has any). It's not really visible on the outside as far as I can tell.


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2018 Anniversary MISC sale now up




The only human ship corporation to incorporate Xi'an tech and engineering into their designs, MISC has become the most trusted name in heavy industrial craft, and a leader in mid-size modular solutions for private hauling. mining, and other industrial operations.


FREE TEST FLIGHTSHead to the IAE West at Desmond Memorial Convention Center in Lorville to try out this manufacturer's ships. Have fun and fly safe.



Functionality meets modularity on the cutting edge of space travel. Explore MISC’s collection of career-minded ships with a Xi’an tech twist.


MISC continues to bolster their industrial and hauling offerings, while simultaneously breaking into more niche markets.



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