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    • By Gannicus
      Hello everyone, i'm a veteran backer and i follow star citizen since 2013. I'm glad to have found a forum so well organized, thank you.
    • By Kuya
      How's it goin', everyone? Name's Kuya.
      I'm far from fresh off the boat so to speak, but I haven't caroused around with a party greater in number than the fingers on my hands since, well... A while, yeah?
      Hopin' that I get to set a good impression and help out when it's needed.
    • By Razdan
      I am an Original Backer/ Completionist I am currently looking forward to big ship action in the game.
      See you in the Verse!
    • By Rapid Potato
      Rear Admiral from Kickstarter, haven't done much since other than pick up a few more ships.
    • By Deehoss
      Hi guys,
      Just applied. Looking forward to hanging out and getting into game with y'all!
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