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A great day to you! We are happy to present some information about us. What we want to offer and provide as small but specialized international entity?




That means we do it all. Name it and we have a job for you. We don't just work for our own wealth; various public projects or surveys will make sure that everyone can benefit. We did it in the past, too. With success. You want more information about intended services? Look »here.





Before we can successfully establish services and offer products, in an initial critical phase we look for new dedicated personnel to bolster our ranks. And we do it around the globe! You can find more information about this topic on the main presence »here.


You can also find more links and information about our expectations ("rules") over there, too.




Quick Overview


Let's keep it simple. Here's a fast overview of the group, goals and expectations!


  • We want to portray a neutral to pro-lawful Corporation in Star Citizen and perhaps other similar titles ("sandbox")
  • We are influenced by sandbox titles and our main success happened in Minecraft
  • International recruitment - most members are currently from Europe
  • We encourage and support roleplay (light to heavy) or, in other words, "immersion"
  • Yet small with roughly a dozen members ready for release - we intend to grow and you can assist us in doing that
  • No hard commitment quotas required - from casual to hardcore regarding the time you can dedicate
  • Rules can be found on our website. In short, we expect a somewhat mature, interested and dedicated individual that is at least 17 years old
  • Average assets present: Website, forum, small TS server, various recruitment threads, allies
  • In addition: Focus on multimedia in some areas, such as videos etc


You have any additional questions? Something is unclear or even commendable? Just let us know here! Simply ask here, send us a message or do the same in any other area where we're present, like »here.


We are also still open for cooperation with other groups and organizations.





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Discovered this as someone looking for a place to stay? Career, perhaps? Unsure about something yet?


Why, do what anyone would surely do in that situation: Don't just compare based on information presented up there. Or elsewhere.


Interact with us and ask questions. A dialogue can clear things up easily. Right here or via PM.

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We are anything but dead and still looking; our main focus simply has been the RSI forum.


If you have any questions, simply ask us. We also plan minor updates to this thread soon™.

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We are now utilizing the "quasi IC presence" (for those roleplayers out there) at:




The site is constantly tweaked and not final. We appreciate constructive feedback in order to improve upon it. Since initial release earlier the month we have already improved it and ironed out some problems. More information and content changes are likely. Employees will continue to use the old website, as it has a forum incorporated into it. This is in essence for promotion.

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