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Bensday with Batgirl and Ben episode 23

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Good episode that @GeraldEvans will probably have summary notes for...... 


But some big highlights....... Idris-P to Idris-M conversion option in PU....... MISC Endeavor will only be a Science Ship now.... and they are creating a completely new Hospital ship  +++ Ben talks about the Leak (found image below  :lol: ) and how it actually help CIG market the game (as I pointed out from the day of the leak)... :)



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Ben on the leak: We're sorry that some aspects of S42 might be compromised. Chris wanted to save some of the ship designs and see's it as 'opening your presents early.'  It felt terrible to have it happen but we did get excellent press from it all around.


1: What type of things is CIG involved in to keep people from accessing our hangar and gifting or melting all of my ships?

  • We've had protections in place for a while, and we have a total record of what has happened in a hangar, who's a grey market seller, etc.


2: Can dogs fight off boarding parties?

  • No answer.


3: Mark Hamill, coming to Star Citizen?

  • No Answer. There's a lot of people in England at any one time.


4: Will there be LTI for pets? Can the smarter breeds man stations? More maintenence in hangars for pets?

  • Your security deposit will be higher for the hangar. (joking)


5: Hangar ready ship ready this Friday?

  • We'll have a flight-ready ship in the next AC patch. Not the Merlin but there will be one before that.


6: Was continued crowd funding after Kickstarter always the plan? How did the term OB/VB come into being? 

  • It was decided at the end of the Kickstarter.
  • At one point there was a literal difference, OBs and VBs had access to different prices and different ships.


7: Is it fair to give LTI to all ships purchased with real money, and to give OBs/VBs a discount on ship purchases?

  • We didn't expect to be doing this, but we will tell you when these things change.


8: Will you be able to fly a ship without insurance? Will you lose it if you do? Is there going to be an option to prohibit me from flying without insurance?

  • Yes, and Yes, although you should be able to buy a replacement at a discount.
  • There should be a way to safeguard against flying without insurance.
  • LTI is nothing. It's a badge of honor.


9: What is CIGs position on real companies and even player-run companies running adds?

  • There will be in-game fictional advertising.
  • As for real companies they have two options: a 29th century version of the company or have another reason why the actual company should be in the game. McDonalds would have to show what it is like in 2946, not but a quarter-pounder right now.


10: Is the the rail-gun and ship-to-ship missile launcher available in the PU? Can we turn an Idris-P into an -M?

  • Yes, and Yes.


11: As ships wear out can we expect the guns to do the same?

  • Yes


12: If I step on a mine and get blown up will my rifle escape unscathed?

  • No. Everything will take damage.


13: Are there ship roles we haven't seen yet?

  • Yes


14: Will genetics or bio-engineering career roles be available in the verse?

  • Yes
  • The Endeavour is just a science ship now with another ship taking on the Hospital role but you'll see a lot about that career path with the concept sale.


15: When is the go/no-go vote for the FPS PTU?

  • Later this week.




@VoA, would you please add tags to the OP for LTI, Endeavour, and Idris?

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Thanks VoA!  I know some Idris owners keep asking that question so hopefully this helps them find it.  I'm disappointed about the Endeavour as I was excited to see something that could be either a hospital and medical lab or a black-market cybernetics / narcotics ship reduced in capability. We'll see whether that sticks or not but the role of a ship is a principle reason for pledging for it (and then looks of course).


I was happy with the episode. It's nice to hear that they may be voting on a FPS PTU release for next Friday and also that we have another ship hitting AC before the Merlin. I wonder what it is. My money is is on the Scythe honestly. It's the only one already flying that they haven't given explicit access to, and flying it is supposed to be a main draw for subscribing.

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My favourite part of this was between 14:00 and 15:45 when someone who has stated multiple times that LTI isn't important while having a bunch of LTI ships has suddenly become aware that they might have to actually face the reality that if they don't purchase insurance in-game on a non-LTI ship, they will lose the ship. I personally still believe that LTI isn't important... but the fact that you purchased a ship with real money doesn't give you an advantage over someone who has earned it in-game is really heart warming for me.


Personally I'm in favour of a level playing field and while I know CIG is appreciative of all the people who have backed and pledged with real money, I'm glad when I hear that they're still very much focused on maintaining a level playing field.


That being said, I'd hope that the mobiglas gives you a warning before setting off in an uninsured ship, simply so that if you do lose it then it will be completely the fault of the player and the decision rather than the oversight. Should be simple enough to implement an "are you really sure you want to do this? click yes to launch, click no to go to comparethespacemarket.com" popup in the launch sequence.

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Agreed. Personally I'm of the opinion that LTI should be awarded to all real money sales/pledges, because my 60 hours of in game effore to earn an Aquila is not at all the same as losing $325.


That said...we haven't purchased ships, we're supposed to be pledging for support of the game. I know that gets missed (like I just did above) but we're not buying a thing....even though we are. Damn.

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