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Xi'An - Cargo Ship

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Note these are leaked images - On the Net - but not at the consent of CIG

Xi'an Cargo Ship

This one is clearly in it's early stages still, but give a decent idea of what larger Xi'an ships may look like. Covered the thing in lights to try an make it look a bit better.



Xi'an Cargo Ship w/ Hull E
  Xi'an Cargo Ship w/ Hull E


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I'd take the flat surfaces if they changed it a bit.  Looking at it I feel potential from the design, but I'd want to find some way to mate the sharp angles and sandstone-type feel of an egyptian obelisk with the mothership from homeworld.

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This might not even be CIG. This could be a modder trying to spread their work across our all too eager fan base... It doesn't look xi'an. 

Possibly but I doubt it - especially with the background being consistent and with the Hull E also in some of the images.  We will see - Note that I posted new videos and images of other leaked images in the older threads including the Updated Size Comparison thread.


So keep checking the other threads for updates :)

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now we just need the lore monkeys to whip up an explanation for the Xi'an's love of vertically oriented ships.


This is just personal (uneducated) speculation, but, I do not think it is so much a love, but a mentality.

Humans have the mentality of a fuselage, with primary projection directed at its rare, and we then steer that projection. Like a ship with a sail, directed by a rudder, or the steering of a car.

They have spoken about this prior with the Vanduul, and it appears that they may consider the same with other alien species, but unlike humans who inheirtly think in '2D', the Xi'an (I am guessing) also think in 3D like the Vanduul, so instead of haveing a primary thruster, they have what we would consider large menuvering thrusters. Instead of steering the trajectory of their main thrusters, they simply change the trajectory of their thrusters. With an elongated hull, this would be slow, with with a short, wide hull it would be easier. Our ships follow the tradition of what we have here on Earth, ships and aircraft that are designed for reduce drag, which is not really an issue in space.


With the introduction of larger ships though, the Xi'an add primary thrusters to the ship, especially to something like a cargo hauler. The species seems to exploit the facets of space more than what the Humans do.


@malegos I assume that they are making a trend with Xi'an ships of having some form of folding capability. Not only the ring, but the segment of the main hull, just above the cargo kinda appears that it may have the ability to extend and retract. I am just going to guess and say the ship can modify its shape for loading/unloading and possibly docking purposes.

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Some additional older images from the link in May of 2015 and some new data mined image.  NOTE - some of the new photo's orientation are WRONG - the ship is a Vertical ship not Horizontal.  OLD images in Yellow and NEW images in White







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