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So, THIS is The Base's seedy underbelly....

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'lo, all!  It occurred to me yesterday that I may or may not have made an account here at the forums a while back, yet done nothing with it.  In the meantime,  I started a show on radio.starcitizenbase.com.  And...here I am, 4 shows in, and I've yet to say "Hello!" on the forums!




For those of you that don't know, I am Phizzer Kendy, host of the relatively new show Cold Phizzion (finding its new time slot this upcoming weekend (24/5/2015):


Cold Phizzion


NOW ON SUNDAYS!!!   1900-2100 UTC (12:00-2:00 pm PDT)


Twitter: @ColdPhizzion

Email: PhizzerKendy@gmail.com

Other Contact Info Coming Soon!


The show will be followed directly by the Star Citizen Base Round Table, so...


Come for the Tunes, stay for the Talk!!!


I look forward to serving up some more music for you all!




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Hi phizzer! Glad you finally dropped by! I heard a couple short clips of ya and I do say, your voice is excellent for the radio!


Why, thank you!


Hey Phizzer! i would stay stick around sometimes and look at the interesting content in this community! You can always drop by on ts too if you want!



Will do.  There seems quite a community here!

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