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MISC Reliant - Mini Hauler & Variants

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last part of the animation shows the ship quite well resembling a B WING and BAM SOLD >D
+ that it rapes the aurora clipper for good and will be a quite good low end cargo hauler since well it has the biggest internal cargo bay of all

the smaller ships


but there is a let down there too for me and thats SHIPCREEP

Tier II’ starter ship ....

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Bought 7 with my credits mostly for CCU. I`m sad that has more storage then my loved Avenger. So now Avenger officialy sucks: stupid litle weapons and low storage. I really have to think if I`m going to keep the penguin for how it looks only.

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From Reverse the Verse Today....


·         Reliant Concept Sale is now Live on RSI

·         No packages on Concept Sale (when it is hangar ready only) for Reliant (or any other ship)

·         Reliant is 100% human labor but uses Xi’an Tech

·         Reliant isn’t really designed for medical bay modules (there is no toilet in it – lol – yet)

·         Purpose of Vertical Orientation – performance difference – ya / roll – looks cool too

·         Reliant Jump Engine – doesn’t come with one but explorer variant might

·         Reliant will be available for 10 days (not this Monday – but next one)

·         Reliant will land in horizontal orientation

·         Definition of a starter ship – less expensive – more potential for different directions – and less expensive – much more jack-of-all-trades – as oppose to be role specific

·         Pilot seats lock in horizontal position – when flying vertical orientation – so they will move with the ship.

·         Reliant weapons – two size 1’s on wings + 1 center size three that can be downgraded to size 2 with a tractor beam

·         Reliant Cargo is accessible from cockpit but not in Vertical flight mode – only Horizontal Mode

·         David Hobbins – was concept artist for Reliant (he also did the Ursa Rover for Connie, Mustang and helped with Carrack) + He is working on the Variants for the Reliant currently

·         You can’t eject from the Reliant (like an Auroa) – you have to go into horizontal mode – go into cargo bay – then get out of the ship through the rear area.

·         Reliant has best field of view for pilots (at the cockpit) than any other starter

·         Reliant Ball Turret is size three (not the size 1 guns – spec – error)

·         2nd Pilot seat allows you to take advantage of the 270 degree firing arc (gunner)

·         Reliant variant sale will be a ways off (Hobbins

·         LTI doesn’t matter – Ben reiterates but the 3 reliant variants will not come with LTI so pick up the base reliant then upgrade to an LTI variant

·         Reliant is a mini cargo hauler

·         CIG working on thinning cross-bars on Reliant cockpit (to have an un-obstructed view)

·         Reliant does not have sleeping quarters (at best a fold out cot on some of the models)

·         Reliant will be in-between Aurora and Mustang.  The Reliant will be more maneuverable along the opposite axis of the wing.

·         There will be walking space around cargo in the Reliant.

·         Reliant Q/A this coming Wed. and Fri.



A Player Vid...


Here is a good Player caparison --->>


Rough Comparison of Starter Ships



an hour ago



 by Jonyb222High Admiral

Hello everyone, so I figured it would be a good idea to get a rough idea of how the starter ships compare to one another and which one is better suited to which role.

Now I don't have all the info myself which is why I made this thread so that others can add in the parts I don't know of. It goes without saying that many things about the ships, especially the Reliant, are subject to change. And there is for sure be errors in my first pass through these. I base the first round of info on the Specs page, which is often wrong.

Cargo (likely 1 Stor-All=10)
  1. Reliant - 30
  2. Aurora Cl - 23
  3. Auroras - 13
  4. Mustangs - 10
  5. Mustang Beta & Reliant Variants - <10 / no Stor-All
Manoeuvrability (No Cargo)
  1. Reliant - 2 TR1, 12 TR1
  2. Mustangs - 2 TR2, 8 TR1
  3. Auroras - 1 TR3, 8 TR1
Max Powerplant
  1. Mustang - 3
  2. Everything else? - 2
Firepower (Ballpark)
  1. Aurora LN
  2. Mustang Delta
  3. Auroras / Reliant Skirmisher?
  4. Mustangs
  5. Reliant
Max Shield
  1. Aurora LN - 3
  2. Reliant - 3
  3. Everything else? - 2
  1. Aurora LN
  2. Mustang Delta
  3. Reliant Skirmisher
  4. Aurora
  5. Mustang?
  6. Reliant?
Smallest Profile (Varies a lot by position)
  1. Aurora
  2. Reliant
  3. Mustang
Special considerations
  • Reliant is the only 2 seater
  • All Auroras have a bed (which may or may not make a difference in-game)
  • Mustang Beta also has a bed

Let me know what you would change or add, I most certainly missed some things!

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Yep.  Sold.  Just like I always knew I would be.  That thing is too freaking cool!  So happy with the design.


CIG, if you're listening, I'll always vote with my wallet on two things: ORIGINAL or INTERESTING ship designs like this one (aka, no giant flying box because we have to have all the cargo inside the ship) OR, it screams F-14, Maverick and Goose.  Get me those things and you win Wallet Commander.

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Couple other Player Vids...





My "Personal" Take on the Misc Reliant + / -



  • I love the design and Xi'An Tech
  • Stronger armor (again Xi'An Tech)
  • Gimbled Weapon - (has greater range of fire than the other starter ships)
  • Tractor Beam (nice complement with weapon and STL Youngblood points out that it could be a good - small mining or salvage ship)
  • I love the Gimbled Main thrusters and the rotating cockpit - NOTE that you can maneuver better from side to side in vertical flight and this is important because people black out more when maneuvering up and red-out going down (and the human body can tolerate side to side G-Forces better)
  • I am interested in the News Variant - though not sure if the Drake Herald could also do this (or if Info Running / Storage --- is different than News Broadcasting)
  • I am interested in the Science Variant and need a smaller "wingman" type exploration ship to go side-by-side with my Larger Anvil Carrack (that may not fit through the smaller Jump Points).
  • I currently have (3) Drake Heralds that I kept for CCU (Cross Chassis Upgrade potential - for LTI onto other ships) - so the Reliant is a good cheap LTI ship that I could just as easily ("no-brain'er") - use to CCU.  So.... I  melted one of my Heralds to get one of these (that I can decide to CCU... or keep and apply an upgrade / variant)


  • While I think the Armor and Maneuverability might be superior to the other starter ships - I think the Mustang Delta will still have an advantage in Combat
  • I have a Xi'An Khartu-Al as my light fighter (will turn my Gladius into the Stealth Variant mentioned in JP)....so I don't find value in the Reliant's combat Variant (especially due to the Death of a Spaceman Mechanics) = Starter Ships are to easy to blow out of the sky....
  • Every $ spent..... even if it is only $50 is money that can't be used to buy something else instead... and I am already tapped my pledged (and even recently increased it for the Star-G) with other ships ++ there are more concept ships coming that I will probably find more useful (so the Reliant is likely to get melted or CCU'd unless the Science or News variants are uniquely valuable)



As of now I did buy the ship and melted on of my (3) Drake Heralds for it.  The Pluses outweigh the Minuses but we shall see its fate per above... (if I keep it or not).

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I just can't push myself into buying this ship. I want to focus mainly on PvP and I have SH and Vanguard to fly into combat. Reliant is now described as mini-hauler and I doubt I will need to haul any cargo at all, just not my thing. As for the LTI, really right now I can't name a ship that I'd want with LTI in my hangar, I've got everything I need. I'd rather keep my money and wait for the Crucible or the Endeavour. Might even pick up a Retaliator during the next sale. To sum up, for me Reliant is not a very useful ship in combat, thus I prolly won't pick it up. Unless I'm going to be convinced by the upcoming Q&As and I'll decide that I need a LTI ship to CCU for M50 or Gladiator in the future.

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Very interesting ship design, loving the pilot seats rotating. Will I buy one?... no. I have no need for an extra ship at the moment. Ive got my Freelancer DUR for Exploration and a Hull B for trade.


I might be tempted to get a fighter, but I'm thinking I'll probably go for a Karthu Al ingame.

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MISC ship designs tend to be divisive because they're utilitarian... basically "ugly" by design. ;)


I think the Reliant is a decent looking ship -- enough for me to buy it. I don't know if I'll keep it long-term, but like most Concept Ships, I don't want to pass now and regret it later. Whether I keep it or not will depend how it flies, as well as if the variant models are useful. The Xi'an-style thrusters and ability to fly in vertical orientation might make the Reliant fun to fly. And the Reliant does have two (proposed) variant models that we haven't seen before: a Research ship and a "News Van". I'm not really interested in either, but at least these variants sorta justify the Reliant's existence. (If the base model and variants had been the conventional Hauler, Explorer, Combat models, I would've been really PO'd! )


I'm surprised that CIG didn't create a Mining ship variant, because there isn't an entry-level mining ship yet, and the Reliant seems well-suited for it because it has cannon hardpoints for mining lasers and a tractor beam in a gimbal mount for collecting the mined resources.


I'm interested to read the Reliant Q&A articles to learn more about it. :)

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I love it!! Star Citizen's own (and cooler) B-Wing!!


I'm in love. Gonna melt my 24 Month Delta pack for it (probably).


I wish I could melt mine too, but unfortunately it's my only game package, so I guess I'll have to wait 'till they release a pack. It will be a very very long wait

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This ship is fucking ugly they are not even trying anymore.   :lol:

Not every ship can be the most awesomest ship design ever, that's why they're producing so many - they want everyone to be able to find a ship that they enjoy being in. Right now I'm torn between this and the Aurora CL because I want a mini-hauler but as of now there's no way to get the Reliant in a package, and I'd have to drop one of my three character slots to pick it up.


I don't want to increase my pledge or drop below 3 packages (two wingmen in Super Hornets FTW). This may just be something I buy in the PU, because I'm still not sure if this has more cargo space than the Aurora CL, since I can't find an official capacity for the Stor-All container.


Also, I think the "news van" variant is going to be a comms relay more than anything, with the potential to be an info gatherer or offensive ewar vessel (as opposed to the herald's core design for ewar resistance). Just my take on it, seems interesting.

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