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Reverse the Verse with CIG Ep. 46

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See Twitch Link....http://www.twitch.tv/cigcommunity-  


·         Starfarer sale later today – with Q/A – same price $195. – No LTI with this sale for regular Starfarer

·         Later tonight - Concept sale for Starfarer Gemini (since it hasn’t been offered before) with LTI – price $245

·         Gemini - Upgrades, weapons, shields, armor but sacrifices cargo. – It doesn’t set off any red flags like a F8 lighting would if you take it around the Verse.  Gemini - Size up on Engines, Size up on Manned Turret, Size up on Shield (two shields), but sacrifices speed and cargo.

·         You can upgrade from standard Starfarer to a Starfarer Gemini (but you could also simply melt it to get the new LTI concept sale).  There will be an upgrade though for those that bought the Starfarer early on at a price less than its current price.

·         Starfarer can collect and refine fuel so there will be plenty for a “fuel person to do”  - CIG post later tonight should have a concept image that will show this.

·         Gemini Concept Sale will be limited by time (one week) – not by limited number

·         CIG still working on final location for Gamescom

·         FPS post still in the works – CIG waiting on some videos and CR wanted to add some additional artwork.  Each office will contribute to the post – a monster post – it will be today.

·         Is there going to be the equivalent of fight free in Star Marine? – there will be fight free weekends.

·         You can buy more fish in VD and plenty of ways to get more fish in the PU

·         Dog tags are still waiting to be shipped but they had to wait for hats to be shipped first

·         We will see more rovers other than Ursa and Lynx.  Ben is meeting with Hobbins to go over new rover concepts today (look forward to them)

·         Grabby Hands will allow you to  play cards and play dice – in addition to flipping a coin

·         Proximity chat isn’t that relevant to a future game – since electronics allow people to communicate almost over any distance.

·         CIG is still planning on moving locations for the Santa Moncia office

·         Constellation shown in Ship Shape was the Andromeda.  The variants might come colored different but Ben says ultimately players can change the colors and look of ships.

·         The bulkhead separating living area from bridge was something implemented based on a fan suggestion in the RSI Forums.

·         Yes you can eject someone sleeping in an escape pod

·         Alexis and Sandi is working on Track Jacket Hooddie and Coffee Mug and a decal set.

·         Hyper Vanguard Force mini game is played with a mouse. – CIG does want it to the PU

·         There will be Reliant Variants

·         Ship Shape will talk about development pipe-lines (but not graphically show them) in addition to showing art work.  Highlighting the process of development.

·         No new weapons in the immediate future for VD (but they will be having more later)

·         You can restore ship hulls or repair (they don’t need to be replaced)

·         MISC Reliant sale – sooner than we think (but can’t reveal date)

·         Vanguard Variants will be concepting next week with Gurmak but they know what they are going to be.

·         Starliner and Endeavor has some concept art already (Ben has seen them recently).

·         Variants are worked on as Concept Artists are available (even if the concepts seem not to be needed at an earlier time – it is a function of when they are available to work on them).

·         Merlin will likely be in hangar before Connie Update

·         Connie update will be live with Mutli-Crew AC update

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ahh.. nm. I see the YouTube link now. Thanks.

Usually someone has the You-Tube recorded version a few hours after the live-stream.  That's why I like to remind people about the live stream ahead of time since many of of can't wait ;)

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It was another great week on Reverse The Verse! The CommuniTeam was happy to sit down and spend an hour with you, and here are some of the highlights from our hangout!

Top 5 Things from Reverse The Verse #47 1. Jump Point is out!

Our subscribers were treated to a brand new edition of Jump Point on Friday. Check out more of Ben’s great in-fiction work, as well as an inaugural article by James Pugh!

2. James and Lando are sleep-deprived BFFs for charity!

For 24 hours, James and Lando will be live streaming as a part of the 8-Bit Salute, supporting Operation Supply Drop. Stop by the CIGCommunity Twitch channel to say hi! THEY’RE LIVE RIGHT NOW! (Saturday 10AM-Sunday 10AM)

3. The Reliant is coming…and it’s AWESOME.

Confirmed as a future starter ship in the Star Citizen universe, Ben was able to confirm our next concept sale will be the MISC Reliant, priced at $50. Designed by Dave Hobbins and decked out with Xi’an tech, the CommuniTeam’s excitement for this ship was palpable.

4. Nobody is interested in an RTV Sports segment…unless it’s SATABall!

Described as “Space rugby with a stun gun in a zero-g environment,” it’s safe to say SATABall could provide more highlights than a Game-6 NBA playoff game. (Go Rockets!)

Sidenote: We are all very proud of Ben for feigning interest in pro sports.

5. The FPS is a Space Wizard?!

It arrives precisely when it means to. Travis Day gave us five minutes of rapid-fire updates again, and we can’t wait for the upcoming release of the FPS. He covers one-shot kills, the stun mechanic, and dual-wield guns. We want Star Marine!

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode and continue to tune in every Friday!

Check out past broadcasts of Reverse The Verse over on Twitch.

Follow us to be notified the next time we go live!

For a full recap of the episode, check out our friends over at the Imperial News Network.

Check here for INN’s coverage of Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 46.

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