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Greetings Star Citizen Base!


As you may have read in Imperium´s monthly report for March, HR was hard at work to establish a way to recognize and promote quality here on the Star Citizen Base forums.


We are now happy to announce the introduction of the MVP (Most Valuable Post) system on SCB!


Similar to RSI every one of you is able to nominate one or more posts for MVP. Each month HR will go through all submitted nominations and announce a winner in the respective monthly report, starting with May.


The winner will receive a badge he or she can show off under their avatar and a hangar flair item as a token of appreciation for building our community.


We are looking forward to your nominations!




Below is a short FAQ that should clarify all questions you may have. If anything is still unclear or if you have other feedback please reply to this thread.




How exactly am I able to nominate posts?


Once you see a particular post or thread that you think really stands out, is unique and/or encouraged a healthy discussion you can nominate it for MVP either by filling out this form (preferably) or by sending a PM to a member of HR with a link to the post/thread you want to nominate. A list of all current HR members can be found here:

Who is eligible?


Everyone registered on SCB. If someone should get nominated who usually would take part in the judgment process (for example an HR officer) he or she will be excluded from that particular month´s decision making process.


Where is the winner going to be announced?

In the HR part of Imperiums monthly report on http://starcitizenbase.com/.

You can find all previous winners and the winning posts right here:

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I really like the idea. I can't even keep up with all the interesting articles/posts that we have now already!


Plus I am betting 10 dollars on @VoA as the first winner :P



@VoA Is Gonna win everytime never mind the first time. ;)


I am a community poster though - virtually all my posts are just sharing news or theory-crafting new ideas.  I would personally vote for @Chimaera for his fictional lore posts  :thumb:

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See I would be bad at this I would vote for some many people our amazing media team who creates sigs daily for free

or the dev team behind the forum and portal working without most people noticing them...


the same with officers and fleet command with full times jobs and still has to spent 6+ hour a day on the boards and meetings


operations,academy making sure we are as ready as we can be when the game launches... 

Diplomates creating joint operation and trade opportunities


members  theorycrafting, supporting each other in different ways and sharing/explaining information

HR/mods helping new members  and making sure the discussions is kept civil and respectful 

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