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    • By CheeseNorris
      Selling the listed ships and modules below.

      Selling my additional ships and upgrades. All prices are RSI Store Price + 5.5% Paypal Fees. All items are from buybacks.
      I am not selling for profit. Just helping out those in need. As the purchase uses the Paypal credits received via the Paypal invoice, you can be sure there is no undesired grey market credits and all the trouble associated with them - not that I'm peddling in that anyway but it's a good assurance.
      LTI Concept Sales Ship
      Comes with related hangars, flairs and LTI.  
      Dragonfly Ride Together 2 Pack (2-in-1) Aopoa Nox Kue (Limited Edition White) Aopoa Nox 2 Pack Anvil Carrack Anvil Terrapin Argo Cargo MPUV Drake Buccaneer Drake Dragonfly Yellow/Black (ASK) Esperia Vanduul Blade Misc Hull-E | 550USD  Misc Prospector Origin 85X (Last 2)  
      CCUs, and other Upgrades
      You can also opt to purchase an LTI token from the above and I'll CCU it towards the any of the ships below that you desire.  
      Banu Merchantman *Popular, Limited Stock* Carrack *Popular, Limited Stock* RSI POLARIS *Limited Stock* 350R Esperia Blade Super Hornet F7C-M Hornet Wildfire F7C Gladiator Gladius Valiant Esperia Prowler Mustang Delta Caterpillar Freelancer MIS Anvil Crucible Sabre Sabre Comet Vanguard Warden Genesis Starliner Orion Miner Terrapin Avenger Warlock Retaliator Bomber Retaliator Base Prospector Khartu Al M50 Interceptor  
      **Miscellanous, Game Packages and Stuff**  
      Vanguard Warden BUK, 24mth | 20USD 300i Game Package w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 65USD  325a Game Package w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 80USD  Aurora MR Starter w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 45USD  SQ42 Themed Aurora MR Starter w/SQ42 & Star Citizen | 45USD  UEE Exploration Pack, LTI | 495USD  Citizencon 2947 Trophy | 10USD Gamescom 2946 Trophy | 10USD Kastak Arms SMG Citizen 2947 Edition | 10USD  
      Kindly note that all are cash prices, I do not accept RSI Credits or other forms of trade.    
      Feel free to drop me PMs to enquire further, thank you. I may take awhile to respond, but will do as soon as I can.  
      I do accept middlemen, however you would need to cover any additional fees.  

      **Terms & Conditions**  
      *Please kindly be Paypal Verified as well as being RSI Flaired for transaction purposes.  
      **I reserve the right to decline trades at my own discretion especially when dealing with recent-flaired/new accounts.
    • By Th3 Warm0ng3r
      Yesterday I asked the question in spectrum on the origin X1 Q&A and was hoping for some up votes to know what to do next. My question is this, When the 600i complete Origin pack was selling it states it includes the X1. However now that there are 3 variants it does not state what that is. So does the Complete Pack include just the base model or all 3 variants justly still making it the Complete Origin bundle, any help with a quick upvote would be greatly appreciated.  
    • By easto1a
      hi guys this is a 2 part Q&A session that was held at this weekends PCGW event. Enjoy!
    • By Xenroth
      Hello everyone,
      I want to sell my HULL-C with LTI for the price i bought it back in April 2015 so someone else can have fun with it!
      Price is 190€ (160€ ship+30€ VAT fees) or 215$ as well as buyer takes the paypal fees.
      Also taking fair offers!
      Payment method would be verified Paypal only.
      If anyone is interested  send me a PM.
    • By GeraldEvans
      TL;DR From INN:
      [3:42] Q: Drake ships do not have ejection seats, how does this square with the perma-death concepts envisioned in ‘Death of a Spaceman’?
      A: Drake ships are a little like Russian military hardware: rugged, functional but doesn’t necessarily have all the extras (like ejection seats) in order to offer better value elsewhere (like bigger guns). While an ejection seat might allow you to potentially escape, “Death of a Spaceman” means that even if you are blown up with your ship you are instantly dead: you wake up in a med bay after being patched up. However you can only do this a number of times before you old character passes away and you have to move on to a new one. So Drake ships are more risky but if you are aware of that you should still be able to get out and EVA away.
      [7:12] Q: Will there be an event planned for Gamescom?
      A: Due to venue issues we won’t be doing the same “Big presentation” like we’ve done in the past couple years, but instead we’ll have a booth on the show floor showing off new stuff coming up for the game and having a playable build of the current release as well as having pop up events, like the big garden event we’ve done the last couple years where it’s meet and greet for the fans with developers and such.
      [9:30] Q: Will you receive a notification if you are away from your locked ship and a pirate is trying to disable the lock and loot your ship?
      A: One of the next stages is to put in security systems which partly come with item 2.0 stuff. With that is other levels of boarding mechanics to hack or blow open a door, all in the stages of getting fleshed out and then get implemented. This would also involve notification to your Mobiglass within a reasonable amount of distance if you were, say EVAing somewhere else.
      [11:11] Q: Biggest development challenge preventing rudimentary versions of exploration, cargo, mining and economy mechanics from being implemented in PU/PTU builds? Can we get focused updates on this in the future?
      A: 2.4 added persistence which we will be opening up and expanding on. 2.5 will contain the outlaw base so there will be two factions and two spawning places. Our other “big” focus is the full Stanton system, which will be about a billion kilometres across, with procedurally generated planets. CryEngine was never built to simulate so many object so we’ve been working on full rewrite of everything in CryNetwork to get everything in place for the this and it is scheduled for 2.7. Once we have that and some messaging and organisational stuff which will be rolled out later this year we have the foundations to accelerate cargo, mining, etc. Our goal is to get Stanton fleshed out to the fidelity we want for all of Star Citizen: the “Pupil to Planet” level of detail.
      [17:48]Q: Anything from the E3 expo that really amazed you? What do you think of how big space games are now?
      A: Everyone seems to be doing space games now all the way up to mainstream titles like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Cool stuff with Mass Effect and Battlefield One. Star Citizen FPS stuff in the works that we’ll see in the not too distant future.
      [19:22] Q: Nyx still in the works? When will we see it?
      A: Yes! The landing area and environment is done, but we’re in the process now of integrating it into the huge star system and how it works with planetary tech. You should see it around 2.7 and ArcCorp won’t be in 2.7, but it won’t be long for that so you won’t see loading screens anymore when visiting Nyx and ArcCorp in the future and we’ll continue to build upon that from that. We’re working on having all that come together by the end of this year.
      [21:15] Q: Will AI opponents have any aspect of self preservation?
      A: Big AI technical session in Frankfurt recently and they’re in the implementation stage of the grand design. Going to unify AI and mission stuff into one system that has different levels and scopes and knows how to talk amongst itself, which will in turn allow things like self preservation and a more seemingly intelligent AI.
      [23:30] Q: Will you eventually pass along the knowledge you gained where CryEngine is concerned from SC’s development?
      A: Absolutely. I believe it’s important to share the knowledge that we’ve learned in order to help the industry evolve and advance like it has in the past from other people sharing what they’ve learned.
      [25:30] Q: Will Hangar Module and Universe Module be combined for better immersion? Ex: Walking from your hangar into a space port and requisitioning a ship.
      A: Yes, 100%. For him the goal is to get the game to a point where you’re not going to the Hangar Module or ArcCorp as separate modules, it’ll all be one. Setup may be slightly different than right now.
      [26:58] Q: Planned role for Vanduul harvesters now that planetary landings are in game possibility.
      A: We’ll definitely have them planned to appear when the systems that Vanduul occupy or threaten come into the bigger Star Citizen universe (he mentions Chapter 2) and the potential that the procedural tech gives us is unparalleled compared to what we had originally planned a couple years back. It’ll be very exciting the various scenarios you’ll encounter down the road.