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Hull A-E --> A Hull for every job : The MISC Hull Series


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4 hours ago, buzby x said:

Do we know if the larger Hulls can be extended incrementally?

Or will we have to stretch out completely even if we're only carrying one box?


3 hours ago, Devil Khan said:

According to concept, they aren't the same with extra cargo. They don't want to give you extenders.

They have said yes and no several times. Until they make them and release C we won’t know for sure. John Crewe did say that we would be able to control them to partial extensions but the control for it might be harder than they thought or too much bother. Have to wait and see

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So it appears the Misc Hull C is complete for S42........ so why don't they release it in the PU?   Obviously there are probably some bugs still with the physics grids and the animations...... but hopefully they aren't holding it back from the PU just for a S42 surprise.....


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that won't affect it at all. Like CR said during citcon that have it finished for a while now, but it isn't ready to go in until cargo containers and the actually extending are ready. No point in having another dud ship  ingame *cough* reclaimer

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Your referring to the physics rework which was completed in November. The point of larger multi scu containers design work  was done last year also. Docking and implementation of is the remaining tech hull c is waiting for which is scheduled for 4.0 currently but subject to change. And I heard that direct from a dev.

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