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Hull A-E --> A Hull for every job : The MISC Hull Series

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A Hull for every job : The MISC Hull Series


Design: Cargo Interaction


The Hull Series’ promise


In short, the MISC Hull series of ships is how cargo gets from place to place. An inter-connected system of ships designed around the same principles and intended to share the same equipment and maintenance processes, MISC has created the Hull A through E to provide countless options for every type of merchant.

From the single-person Hull A to the super-massive Hull E bulk freighter, there’s a Hull for every job. Each ship includes a manned cab, a drive unit and a telescoping cargo spindle. When laden, the spindle expands to accept cargo pallets; while unloaded, the spindle unfurls for faster, more maneuverable travel.








The Hull A


The smallest, most affordable Hull. The Hull A is great for those just striking out in the galaxy on their own. The Hull A is most similar to the Aurora and Mustang, but lacks the ‘jack of all trades’ nature.

Where the others trade cargo capacity for firepower or speed, the Hull A is 100% on-mission transport! Additionally, Hull A (and B) are often used as station-to-orbit ferries.













The Hull B


The Hull B is a more rugged option most often compared to MISC’s own Freelancer. But where the Freelancer is equipped for long range exploration and other roles, the Hull B is a pure cargo transport.

Hull B are often used as corporate support ships, and it is not uncommon to spot several in different liveries during a single flight.













The Hull C


Often called the most common ship in the galaxy, the Hull C is the most-produced of the range and is considered by many to be the most versatile.

Intended to hit the ‘sweet spot’ between the smaller single-person transports and the massive superfreighters that make up the rest of the range, the Hull C offers the expansive modularity of the larger ships while still retaining a modicum of the maneuverability allowed the low end of the range.













The Hull D


The Hull D kicks off the larger end of the spectrum with a massive ship build around a rugged frame. The Hull D is affordable enough to be operated by mid-sized organizations and companies.

Hull D are often used as flagships for mercantile operations, but their bulk means that they should be operated with escort fighters while not in safe space. The UEE military uses modified Hull D as part of their supply chain, arming and refueling the soldiers on the front line.













The Hull E


The largest specialized freighter available on the market today, the Hull E is generally owned by major corporations and operated with a high degree of planning.

The lack of maneuverability inherent in such a large ship means that anyone planning to operate them should be careful about equipping turrets and providing escort. Their potential load (and modularity) is unparalleled, however: no other ship allows as much room to store goods or to modify towards another role!







WARNING: While the Hull E has a massive cargo capacity on paper, it is also a major target for pirates and raiders. Hull E are typically used in safe sector trade routes and are operated as part of a larger fleet. Additionally, getting ‘geared up’ to operate a Hull E at full capacity will require a significant investment in terms of credits: a single load of cargo typically has more value than the ship itself. In short, Hull E operation is not for the feint of heart!








Modularity: Options Upon Options


The standardized ‘spindle’ found on all five members of the Hull series is capable of securely attaching many types of cargo containers. These range from standard Stor-All “Big Box” containers to specialized freight units equipped for liquids, perishable goods, dispatch parcels, livestock and more. Owing to the ubiquity of the cargo pallet system, many manufacturers have created third party addons capable of taking advantage of the Hull superstructure. These range from additional ship upgrades (shield generators, sensor suites and the like) to ‘stealth’ cargo pods to gimbaled turrets and other weapons which can take the place of some cargo pallets on larger ships (with a corresponding reduction in cargo capacity.) As a result of these “expansion ports,” the Hull series is one of the most modular starships available; many view it as a platform upon which to build as much as the bulk hauler it was designed as.




But How Does It Land?

Every ship in the Hull series is capable of making a planetary landing while contracted. Additionally, the Hull A and B may land while fully laden. The Hull C, D and E typically deposit their cargo at automated orbital yards before landing to dock (though they are equipped for the water landings favored on low gravity worlds.)


PLEASE NOTE: The Hull series measures carrying capacity in Standard Cargo Units, or SCU. The SCU value for previously released ships can be determined by dividing the total capacity by four. The stats page will be updated with proper SCU data shortly. For more information in cargo interaction in Star Citizen, check out today’s design post !


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A B and C interests me. If I get B, there really is no point of getting A. SO.. B or C, getting both did cross my mind but not sure if I will pull that trigger. C being middle of the road seems most reasonable but the fact that B can land with its cargo while C cannot is the main factor that I cant make my mind. The idea of loading C with turrets instead of cargo sounds fun too, although you can do this with B as well and it will be more maneuverable but less firepower. 

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Aaaaaaaaaaand they did it again.^^

HULL-D shows 8 TR10 in the specs page as well as the front-, rear- and side view - picture. The rest of the pictures including the holoviewer show 6 thrusters.

It wouldn't be RSI if they were consistent concerning ship specs on release.^^

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NOTE - some of the newer ships that don't have a .... # --> #  = ships that were already listing correct "SCU" per the website / brochures....


by xCrabanx

Hello everyone!

With the release of the new Hull Series of ships, CIG has introduced a new measurement for Cargo, called SCU. On the bottom of the page for the Hull Series of ships it says:

PLEASE NOTE: The Hull series measures carrying capacity in Standard Cargo Units, or SCU. The SCU value for previously released ships can be determined by dividing the total capacity by four. The stats page will be updated with proper SCU data shortly. For more information in cargo interaction in Star Citizen, check out today’s design post !

This, together with the release of the new Hull Series of ships is a big change. Let's see how the Cargo capacity will change:

(Disclaimer: Im using the Stats from the stats page, last updated April 25th 2015, sorted from smallest, to biggest cargo., Hull Series are highlighted in bold)

Aurora Series (CL excluded): 16->4

300 Series: 16->4

F7C Hornet: 16->4

315p: 26->6

Avenger: 32->8

Aurora CL: 36->9

Cutlass Red&Blue: 120-> 30

Redeemer: 32

Freelancer MIS: 132->33

Freelancer DUR: 148->37

Cutlass Black: 150-> 37(.5)

Freelancer: 168->42

Freelancer MAX: 280->70

Hull A: 75

Connie Phoenix: 540->135

Idris M: 860->215

Starfarer: 900->225

Connie Andromeda and Aquila: 1100->275

890 Jump: 1600->400

Idris P: 1720->430

Connie Taurus: 1900->475

Hull B: 600

Orion: 600 (+16288 Ore capacity)

Caterpillar: 3200->800

Banu Merchantman: 6000-> 1500

Reclaimer: 2500(+ 20000 Salvage capacity)

Hull C: 4800

Javelin: 5400

Hull D: 21600

Hull E: 153600

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hmm, i've noticet that only the hull D and E have rear faceing guns, wonder how usefull they will be

I wonder that too. I know for a fact they are not useful enough to defend against a coordinated attack. Moving a fully loaded Hull E across space will certainly take a lot of work.

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I wonder that too. I know for a fact they are not useful enough to defend against a coordinated attack. Moving a fully loaded Hull E across space will certainly take a lot of work.


Hull C has rear turret too, althought it isn't visible on all pictures.

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hmm, i've noticet that only the hull D and E have rear faceing guns, wonder how usefull they will be

I see at least four rear facing turrets on the "C"? Anyway, bought one myself, if only because it reminded my of the Serenity when not extended, and as I'm curious to see how it may be able to be kitted out later. Also a few "A" class. One as a ferry for non-hanger ships, and two for CCU (melted two of my Heralds for the three "A" class).

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Aaaaaaaaaaand they did it again.^^

HULL-D shows 8 TR10 in the specs page as well as the front-, rear- and side view - picture. The rest of the pictures including the holoviewer show 6 thrusters.

It wouldn't be RSI if they were consistent concerning ship specs on release.^^

Dude, it's a concept sale - it's going to change. Who cares if it has 6 or 10 or 50. Do you like the general idea or not. If you want specifics wait to buy until later or in the verse. Stop being petty.


^^^^ Think I am going to have to get the Hull E (as a squadron ship).... just to tour around the massive ship... look out that massive bridge window... and fly next to it watching the advertising billboards :wub:

This is a far better perspective view for understanding how big the Hull-E really is. The other photos don't really show how massive that thing is.

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Wow, it truly is a space truck in every sense. These ships are amazing.

I am surprised that none of these include a hangar, which is odd because I believe every concept sale so far has had a hangar within the package. it sort of feels we're getting less for the same value as some other ships that were previously on sale.


that said... I'm really tempted to get either the B or the C.

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Now I have A&B and I will need to keep only one because I already have DUR and Blue but for 600 SCU i think I will go with B. Me being a bounty hunter you will ask why a Hull ?! Playing Elite Dangerous I learned that for making money you have to kill, transport and explore (not that in elite you can call that exploring).

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I got myself the C, D and E.


the E is a fair bit bigger than the Idris, man I love that we traders got finally a massive ship :)


As for escorts for my E, might as well get applications in now because that ship has a gigantic target sign on it haha

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After a long debate with my wallet, I finally decided on Hull C.  Bigger is not always better and this is what led me to my decision:


I'm naturally a solo player.  That doesn't mean I won't play with any squadrons or fleets, I just like to be self-sufficient and not have to depend on anybody else.  


Visually seeing how big the actual area of the Aquila's 275 SCU cargo hold is, It's still hard to comprehend how big the Hull C's cargo capacity will be at 17.5 times bigger.  Initially the Hull C will be more than sufficient to quickly move things around.


If I have lets say, 9000 SCU to move, I would much rather do it myself with two trips using the Hull C rather than getting into a Hull D with a target painted on the side and require escort. I would never have the balls to slowboat 'x' amount of cargo in a D or E by myself, which would mean I would get a lot less use out of them than I would a C.  


When the PU goes live I'll work on getting a Hull D or E ingame (because I actually love doing logistics), but for this concept sale in particular, the Hull C will get the most use out of me.


My wallet thanked me in the end

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Reading the above chart I'm thinking of buying a  Hull A as well, for a trader there is no better starter ship.


The Hull A has unmatched cargo capacity for its price point; according to the revised SCU specs, the Hull A can carry more cargo than a Freelancer MAX, at less than half the price. So it's definitely the best starter ship for hauling cargo.


However, the Hull B has 8 times the cargo capacity of the Hull A for only $30 more! The Hull B is much more ship than the Hull A, and can still land on planets while laden with cargo.


The Hull B reminds me of the Taurus, because CIG has priced it extremely low compared to its cargo capacity -- it seems like a mistake, and it should be $110-120.


If the Hull A was included in a $70 starter package, I'd understand new backers buying it to get into Star Citizen. But as a $60 standalone ship, I don't understand why existing backers would buy it instead of the Hull B.  :huh:

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