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Hull A-E --> A Hull for every job : The MISC Hull Series

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I'm not interested in cargo ships for myself, however I wonder with the modularity of these ships how easy would it be to outfit the ship with HANGARs instead of cargo, if the module actually existed?  A fleet of Hull E's with hangar modules could hold several hornets, gladius's, etc, and then a few Idris's  could make a pretty cool invasion force.  If it was possible.

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Hull B seems like the best option for a solo, low key player.


Relatively cheap, small, low crew requirement and a really good cargo amount.


It seems almost inevitable that c-e will require escorts, with E requiring large escorts i.e corvette/frigate class.

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After seeing how little cargo the Freelancer MAX can take I'll be buying a Hull C, but I have one doubt... the containers for cargo that the ship has attached come with the ship, are bought or come with the cargo you buy?

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After seeing how little cargo the Freelancer MAX can take I'll be buying a Hull C, but I have one doubt... the containers for cargo that the ship has attached come with the ship, are bought or come with the cargo you buy?


I don't believe the cargo pods are included with the Hull ships, because there are many pics of the Hull ships without any cargo containers, like this one of the landed Hull C:




That's what you get when you buy a Hull C standalone ship. MISC doesn't include the cargo containers when you buy the ship.


That's how cargo transporters work IRL. For example, a tractor-trailer isn't sold together as a unit; the tractor truck is separate and it is used to tow various semi-trailers. Same for massive cargo freighters; they don't come with hundreds of cargo containers.


I'm not a logistics professional, but from what I know typically logistics companies "loan" their containers to distributors so they can unloaded and then returned empty, or re-loaded with items to be transported elsewhere. The logistics company tracks who is in possession of their containers, but doesn't charge them anything, like a rental fee, as long as they're returned in a reasonable time frame and aren't damaged.


I imagine that is how cargo containers will be handled in Star Citizen -- at least for contracted merchant haulers working for a trade company or guild. The cargo containers would be owned and provided by the trade company to make logistics as simple and efficient as possible; the player contracted to haul the cargo wouldn't have to worry about fronting collateral for the containers. Even if the cargo was lost or stolen, presumably cargo insurance would cover them. That's supposed to be one of the benefits of working as a merchant hauler under contract to a trading company: minimal liability.


Whereas if you're a freelancer, you'd either need to provide your own cargo containers, which would need to be loaded and unloaded and returned to you -- slowing things down. Or you'd have to pay for the containers when picking up the cargo from the supplier, and then you'd be paid for the containers upon delivery by the buyer; or you'd be expected to haul empty containers back to the supplier, and then you'd get your money back.


I suspect that if a player owns their own cargo containers, chances are that they're using them for contraband. Since the Hull series carries its cargo externally, presumably that means to smuggle contraband will require special sensor-shielded containers to hide the illegal cargo inside from law enforcement and port authority's sensors. I'm certain that those smuggling containers would have to be owned by the player.

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I think the design is brilliant. Not necessarily for aesthetics (not that I particularly mind the looks), but because it seems like an immensely practical way to transport bulk-cargo. Imagine how much more material would be required to build a ship large enough to store all that cargo internally! From a business perspective, this design is all about keeping capacity high, and ship-cost (relatively) low.

I feel that it should be repeatedly emphasized that it's a DEDICATED cargo hauler, even more-so than the Taurus, Freelancer MAX, etc. Just look at the differences in cargo capacities: all those SCU's are likely going to be at the expense of... well... everything else (maneuverability, durability, speed etc). This ship is a specialist, just like the Orion, Starfarer, and Reclaimer. It's going to handle like a boat, and I can't see it being particularly resilient (@CovertAgentCitizen @PixelChaos, you're right about that spindle... and that's kinda my point.) 


I'd say if you want to solo-trade/fly without escorts, stick with the Freelancer etc; flying a Hull anywhere but the safest regions of space without an escort is probably a bad idea. 

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well now this makes me think, how likely is a convoy of around 20-30 hull E's (with no escorts, highly unlikely but could happen) to be attacked? and how suprising is it going to be if 30 of these drop out of warp on top of you (probaly only in high sec space)


i'm thinking for us players we would play the hull D and E as more of a group/fleet ship instead of solo kind of ship with at least one or two cap ship for escort +fighters and one of the guys from T&I as the trade master for the rest of us, which would probaly be good enough for low and some nul security space

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@Leviticus_Valdren haha good on ya. I was very close to getting it as well, got the C D and E at the moment and arguing with myself thinking I should maybe get the B for smaller shorter missions, but then I might as well get the A and then the hull palooza will give me an additional A haha

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I would not write off the freelancers just yet. They have a lot more weaponry than these cargo haulers and this makes them very viable in less than totally secure areas.


If you are just going to be hauling in UEE (safe) space then yeah these will do the trick.


We do not know what the verse is going to hand us. With this in mind I am hanging onto my freelancer as well as my Banu, but also have a Hull C and a Hull B.


The Banu obviously because of the built in sales area (and overall cool factor). Plus it is a rather dangerous ship for a cargo hauler.

The Freelancer, again it has a dangerous side and is longer ranged. It is also going to be a lot more stealthy due to the Xi'an tech (or that is the hope).

Both of these will have added protection to cargo since it is inside the ship and not hanging around out on the fenders. This is my biggest dislike to the Hull Series.


Hull B because it can Land.

Hull C because my inner Ferengi says Need More Cargo.


My baby still remains that Orion though. It is where I am going to be (a lot) from the looks of things so far. This ship is going to make a huge pile of goods when it is emptied out. This was one of the prime reasons I spit out the bucks for a Hull C...


If I was forced to burn them all for some (as yet unseen) ship – the Banu and Orion are here to stay.

Besides – I still got 80 bucks left in the can even after the B and C buy. - DRUM out


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I would not write off the freelancers just yet.....


The Banu obviously because ...

I agree -->> See new Theory Crafting thread as to why.... :) ---->>>  




Some more images :)


The Hull Series - Greybox Render 4K self.starcitizen

 by masken94

Greybox Album of The MISC Hull Series

Hull A: http://imgur.com/a/m9Ii6#0

Hull B: http://imgur.com/a/qXd5g#0

Hull C: http://imgur.com/a/pmv2w#0

Hull D: http://imgur.com/a/AwNZt#0

Hull E: http://imgur.com/a/ef7zf#0


Fun Size Comparison on Hull A and Hull E http://imgur.com/a/tBJvQ#0


Top and Down view Top: http://i.imgur.com/s2uMZlx.png Down: http://i.imgur.com/RUrGrs2.png

All The MISC Hulls + Orion Together http://i.imgur.com/wdPyAFx.png

Hull A and B with Misc Freelancer http://i.imgur.com/Tz50R7b.png






Hull Series (again): in 21:9


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I believe the narrator on the "Should you buy a Hull Series?" video is mistaken -- or at least not 100% accurate -- about players having to buy their cargo.

It's my understanding that there are two basic types of Mercantile Hauler professions: there's the contracted Agent, and there's the Freelancer.


EDIT: It appears I was mistaken, because the article that I was referencing actually pertained to Mining Careers, not Trading and Hauling Cargo. (Thanks to @Nameless for finding the Careers: Mining article.)


However, I think it's reasonable to assume that Mercantile Careers will function similar to Mining Careers, with a Mercantile Agent contracted to work for NPC Mission Givers, and a Freelance Hauler working independently. (So the following is educated speculation, not fact. ;) )


The contracted Agent works for a NPC-controlled trading entity, like a company or guild from Star Citizen's lore, which functions as a Mission Giver, generating hauling missions for players to take. A mission involves the Agent taking the trading company's cargo to a specific destination by a certain time. The trading company provides the cargo to the Agent to haul to the destination; the player doesn't buy the cargo, they're just charged with getting it to its destination on time. This means that the player isn't risking their own money or cargo. The benefits of being a contracted Agent is that there's steady work, a guaranteed paycheck on delivery (assuming you're on-time), and little to no liability. The downside is that the Agent is paid relatively little for completing the mission; the lion's share of the profits goes to the trading entity. Another downside is the contracted Agent will have a reputation score; if you fail to deliver your cargo on time or if you're intercepted by Pirates too often, your reputation will suffer, and trading companies won't hire you anymore.

The Freelancer works for him- or herself, and must figure out what type of trade goods are needed in markets across the galaxy, and where they can be bought the cheapest and sold for the highest profit. The Freelancer player is the type of Mercantile Hauler who needs to buy (and insure) their own cargo, which means they need money upfront. Players just starting out won't be Freelancers; they'll have to work as Agents until they've saved enough to go independent. Being a Freelancer also means the player needs a hauler ship of manageable size for their budget. It's pointless for a player to own a Hull E if they can only afford to buy enough cargo to fill 5% of its capacity, because it will probably burn more money on fuel than it will make delivering such a small amount of cargo. There are a lot of challenges, risks, and downsides to being a Freelancer, but the greatest benefit is that the Freelancer keeps all the money they earn from a successful delivery.

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      MISC Prospector Q&A - Part 1
        Greetings Citizens,
      Another Concept Sale, another Question & Answer session. Since Friday, we’ve been collecting questions from the dedicated Q&A post here and today our designers and artists working on the ship will answer 13 questions for the community. Tune back in on this Friday to see the answers to 14 more questions.
      The Prospector and its precision mining capabilities make it an ideal candidate for covert jaunts into dangerous space for the extraction of small quantities of highly dispersed and valuable commodities. We are very excited to discuss this unique ship in more detail, so let’s jump right in!
      Special thanks to John Crewe, Phil Meller, Paul Jones, Luke Davis, Todd Papy, and Jonathan Jacevicius for taking the time to answer these questions for us.
      Question & Answer
      Will the Prospector use the same RMAPs technology that the Orion uses?
      The RMAP system on the Orion is manned by the scan operator, who is able to use it to provide precise information. As the Prospector is only manned by one miner, we wanted to put more focus on searching with the ships scanning system. So instead the Prospector will be using the scanners to provide general information in a local space to pinpoint nearby mineral pockets, like a larger, more advanced metal detector.
      Will the prospector be better at tracking/recovering smaller amounts of valuable and rare mineral deposits, compared to the Orion operating on mass scale collection?
      The Prospector will be much better at pinpointing specific resources and extracting just that type of mineral, targeting pockets directly rather than multiple at once.
      Can only specialized ships (Orion/Prospector) mine or can you retrofit mining equipment on to other ships?
      Mining equipment will only be able to be equipped on specific hardpoints, as they require other ship equipment to be present for them to operate (pipes, processing equipment and storage tanks), so they will only be on specialized ships.
      Can you describe container transfer during planetary and space operations?
      We can’t go into too much detail yet, only to say that containers can be dropped in space and on planets and then be picked up and stored by other ships.
      Does the Prospector have a Quantum/Jump Drive and if so does it travel through small jump points?
      The Prospector will come equipped with a light jump drive and light quantum drive and as it’s a small ship, it will be able to travel through small jump points too.
      Are the containers compatible with the container docking system on the Hull series?
      Yes they are, the aim is to have all containers compatible with this system. The Prospector and Hull series ships make a very good team! The Prospector is able to keep mining and dumping cargo pods for some time before heading back to a station, allowing the Hull series to do the transporting.
      While performing planet-side/asteroid mining, how deep can the mining laser/tractor beam cut/extract?
      Unfortunately we don’t have any exact numbers to give you yet. But expect more information on this as we progress mining further!
      What size shields will the Prospector have?
      It will have one light shield generator, enough to protect it out in hazardous mining areas but not from sustained fire.
      Will the Prospector be modular, allowing for mining slots to be swapped out for general cargo?
      The Prospector has quite a specialised setup with the processing equipment and collapsible storage crates. These crates adhere to standard cargo measurements, but it isn’t currently planned to be a cargo transport.
      It is mentioned that the ship holds 128 cargo units, but is that all container space(32 units a container) or does that include space in the hull?
      That’s all container space including reserve collapsed containers.
      Is the mining laser upgrade-able and are there different types of lasers depending on the type of mineral you are mining?
      As we have several industrial manufacturers, expect to see a few options here for choosing a laser that’s fit for purpose. Some might be better and quicker at boring a hole to the target mineral pocket, or be better at mining lighter/denser minerals.
      Can the mining laser be used as a weapon?
      Technically yes, though it is not designed to cut through shields and ship armour. The high power draw, low damage and the short range of the laser in comparison to other ship weapons means it’s not an effective combat weapon.
      Is the Prospector strictly a one person ship, or will it be a viable experience for two players?
      The Prospector has been designed to be handled by one person from the pilot seat and has facilities/quarters for that one person only.
                                                                                                                      MISC Prospector Q&A Part - 2
      Greetings Citizens,
      Another Concept Sale, another Question & Answer session. Since last Friday, we’ve been collecting questions from the dedicated Q&A post here and today our designers and artists working on the ship will answer 14 more questions! We are very excited to discuss this unique ship in more detail, so let’s jump right in to part 2!
      Special thanks to John Crewe, Phil Meller, Paul Jones, Luke Davis, Todd Papy, and Jonathan Jacevicius for taking the time to answer these questions for us.
      Question & Answer
      Can you set the Prospector to mine while you go out and explore the asteroid, or does it require an active pilot in his seat?
      When in the landed mining state you will be able to leave your laser going while you take care of other business, but your productivity will suffer for it. You will have to effectively manage your heat and power on the laser, otherwise your mining rate will slow or you could risk damaging your laser.
      Is there an emergency exit/escape hatch on the Prospector?
      The interior is relatively compact, so the door to enter/exit is easy to reach in the case of an emergency.
      Since there are 4 containers, does that mean the ship can sort and harvest 4 different types of ore at the same time?
      We haven’t drilled down into too much detail on organising between the containers at the moment. Ideally you will be able to mine as many different types of ore as you want, and organise them as you see fit.
      Will you be able to eject your containers for a speed boost in case of emergency?
      The containers will have a mass value depending on what is stored in them and how full they are. So if you jettisoned some full containers in space, you might notice a slight improvement in ship responsiveness.
      What will the maneuverability be like for the Prospector?
      It will be on the poorer side of average. The Prospector only needs to maneuver among asteroids to get to specific mineral pockets and so will be in precision mode most of the time.
      Is the ore filtering the same refining technique that the Orion has, or just a first reduction step to do a coarse removal of useless rock?
      The Prospector will only be removing things like useless rock, the processing equipment on the Orion is much more advanced.
      Do Prospector pilots risk the chance for gas pockets in asteroids to combust, or is this an Orion-only risk?
      If the surface is big enough to land on and you start mining, you will encounter different hazards depending on the location and which minerals you’re mining.
      Will the Prospector have any interaction with the Orion, like docking or easy ore drop-off?
      There is no special interaction planned between the two. The Orion should be capable of taking crates from the Prospector though, so it should be able to give a full mineral load to the Orion and use its reserve crates to go and fill up again. It does synergise well with the Hull series ships though, being able to drop loads of cargo off for the Hull to take for selling while the Prospector can continue to mine a while longer.
      In the concept art, what is the large disc beneath the ship used for?
      The large disc is acting as a conduit for the ship’s scanners. A large part of mining will be in scanning and finding the resources you want to mine in space, but especially planetside.
      Can you tell us a bit about self-defense/weaponry that the ship has if the Prospector were to find itself in a sticky situation?
      Unfortunately the Prospector doesn’t come well equipped for combat, but has just enough to potentially warn off attackers and withstand some light fire. If you plan on mining in dangerous areas it might be worth paying for a fighter escort to save risking going alone and being found. It will come with two size one laser repeaters, a light shield generator and some basic countermeasures.
      Will there be variants for salvage/repair? i.e. swapping out the arm for a repair arm.
      There is nothing planned currently.
      Is landing on a surface required in order to begin mining?
      You will be able to mine both when flying in space and when landed. In space, you will be mining from pockets on the outer surface of asteroids. When landed, it allows you to reach deeper pockets under the surface that are potentially larger or more valuable.
      Does the bed function as an escape pod?
      No, it will have a bed similar to the one found in the Starfarer.
      Will there be some type of cage/cover available to outfit the cockpit glass to allow it more protection?
      It originally had a cage around the cockpit, but we wanted to keep high visibility and the exterior bars didn’t match the MISC ship style.