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Complete Gladiators, Super Hornets - $160 - below RSI store cost. (Plus 2 Gladiator CCUs)

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The Gladiator and Super Hornet are gone from the RSI store and I have a few of each available for the next 24-30hrs at $160. If you would like one, please just send me a PM. PayPal verified only and the price includes fees. Please also note, these are not LTI and are the normal standalone ship versions.

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    • By GodZe
      Selling this Add On for $670
      No PayPal fees, buyer using my PalPal link, easy way to save 4.5%
      Eclipse has old price $275, Retaliator $275 and Gladiator just $ 120
      All items has LTI

    • By LostCauses
      Looking to buy a Vanguard Warden. LTI or regular insurance is fine. Prefer standalone. PM with offers.
    • By Eric1084
      Trying to sell off some of the extra packages I purchased a couple years ago for an ITX build I'm currently working on for college. This is one of the cheapest way to get the full game + Squadron 42 currently. Package purchased back in 2015 and comes with Squadron 42 + Star Citizen. Ship upgrades also available.
      $35 P/P for the Aurora MR Starter Pack w/ SQ42 Aurora Starter Package SOLD.
      $40 for the LTI MPUV Cargo (Melt value $35), or $60 for LTI Avenger Stalker(Melt value $60) upgraded from MPUV Cargo. Leave a message here first before PM. Paypal Only.


    • By suppe86
      i want to buy 4x a CCU from aquila to orion for a fair price, maybe 100-120 USD for all 4....
      pm me with a good offer, thanks