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Bensday with Batgirl and Ben episode 17

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1: What happens to my character if I start off on a friend's ship and have to log out? If the NPC dies, then what?

  • Your character will be replaced as an NPC, but with instructions to return to the nearest safe zone.
  • They will still man a turret.
  • We're not sure what happens to the Death od a replacement NPC.

2: Can we have an actual clock for the galaxy, 24 hour = date?

  • Yes.
  • One of the things that Earth and Terra are battling over is that Earth wants everything Earth standard.

3: Limited ships will be purchasable at Gamescon by concierge members and subscribers?

  • Yes, but you'll be able to buy them on the site even if you're not going.
  • Those doing it in person will get a registration.

4: We're going to be able to name our ships. When will be be able to see that? Before the PU Alpha or the Social module?

  • It should come with the paint system. Not sure when that's going to launch.

5: Will there be IFF tags so you can see if a ship is safe or not? What about pirates?

  • There will be IFF codes and there will be pirates trying to send out faked counter codes, and non-pirates trying to counter the counter codes.

6: Will we see the pledge store move from the site to in-game?

  • There's no plan to do that. Buying UEC in-game feels scuzzy.

7: Do you see the pledge store going away at retail?

  • We're thinking more of buying limited credits on the site and you can do what you want with them in the game.
  • You may have to be at the right place and right time to buy a limited ship.

8: Is the current plan to release the PU after the final chapter of S42 (in 2017)

  • No. The PU will come out after Chapter 1.
  • You may be recalled to duty in S42 for the next two chapters but those are the next games, not holdups on the PU.

9: What's up with the ridiculous Aurora nerfing?

  • They'll continue getting balanced until it's all balanced.

10: The Phoenix comes with the Automated Weapon Defense system. Is it separate or does it take up one of my turrets?

  • It's seperate.

11: Are we coing to see a character creator between now and 2.0? How will we recognize each other?

  • The character creator will come after the social module, but it will be rough at first.
  • No comment on what comes with the social module.

12: What is Jenny Varner's role?

  • She is a community content producer.
  • Responsible for tracking content, etc.
  • She's going to be involved in live events.

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