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Greeting from Tactical Advance

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It is the same every morning.  Over there by the conference room is a crowd of pompous sycophants.  All attempting to position themselves best to be noticed and sell their organisations needs to the Senate.  Adjacent to this gaggle of fools is a beaten old coffee cart.  So I sit here on my stool at the makeshift bar attached to it.  I sip my coffee and await my Bagel.  A daily ritual I have maintained for the last two decades.

Breakfast completed I make my way towards my office.  I stop and check my appearance in a large window.  My silver Hair is as neat as usual. Shirt neatly pressed, collar and cuffs starched and straight.    Neat enough for a parade duty.  Not that I have done that in twenty years.  I stroke my beard.  Check it is neat.  Could not have that when I was a combat pilot.

Tactical Advance keeps a modest office in the Terra Prime administrative sector.  Right on the main promenade level.  I have been the Head Diplomat and a Council member of the Organisation since the founding.   I keep a small specialist staff dedicated to assist in steering the organisation into a better more profitable future.  I muse about the company I have completely entangled myself with since retiring from active duty.

I walk into the lobby of my offices.  A poster for Phoenix wing hangs over the western counter.  Methos built a powerful body for what claims to be an amateur and casual militant group.  Says a lot about our full time military operatives.  It was a pleasure giving some space in the diplomatic offices for the representatives of the industry divisions.  They also need a face upon Terra after all.  Lefty attends the greeter’s desk this morning.  He has a gift for disarming everyone he meets.  A silver tongue ideally suited to charming and seducing the most aggressive patrons.  My desk is buried in paperwork as usual.  Calien has a gift for writing that is only intensified by the Legal counsel of Gloin.  Those two together create more bureaucracy than I need.

Status and Innocence are another two of my Diplomats who deal with diplomatic outreach, while also providing me with consistent counsel, sans “fluff words”. At least with Status and Innocence I have simple honest opinions.  They provide me with a sounding board.  I have a need for my entire staff and they all add to the diversity that makes a great team.

With Tactical Advance a powerful presence is born.  With strong and like-minded allies the law abiding citizens have a chance to establish a safe and enjoyable home.  One where Pirates may dream of the wealth within the borders even if they only dare pick at its outer edges.

It’s definitely clear that we need to have a statement for our public outreach program, so we have come up with a good statement of mission and intent for Tactical Advance. The following will be disseminated to all diplomats from other organizations upon first establishment of contact:

Tactical Advance is a law abiding company dedicated to being amongst the best at everything.  To this end we strive to develop and build diverse and organised divisions within our population.  We have established a strong security division ready to defend our needs.  In order to utilize all of our assets in the Persistent Universe we have begun developing industrial groups.  These groups have begun the theory crafting and preliminary development of an organised structure.  Having expressed a particular interest their own passion builds the systems that they are passionate about.

As many of our members are also passionate and avid ship collectors they wish to use them all at some point.  As such beyond our organised military division is a group of passionate pilots ready to use their vessels to protect each other if needed.  They have named this group Phoenix Wing and it has a remarkably committed following.  It is this level of passion we are directing into everything we do.

Such bold plans rely on a large and committed community.  Fortunately we have a large active community from all over the world.  Our TeamSpeak channel has people online nearly 24 hours per day.  A mature and diverse group that is empowering us to be much more than even our founder initially hoped for.



Head of Diplomatic Services

Tactical Advance



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    • By charlie638
      I realize that we have this entire forum and I'm not complaining about the communication between Imperium and its fleet members, in fact I think it is pretty good. Yet I see that other Organizations do these weekly or monthly update videos like Tactical Advance does or Test squadron does. Again I'm not complaining about the communication I just think it would be nice if each week or month I could watch a 10-15 minute video that catches me up to what is going on in star citizen or more specifically in Imperium. It would also create a bit more personal relationship between the Imperium staff and members because while I've seen their posts on here, I don't feel too much of a personal connection to them and for those who don't want to dedicate the time for team speak or checking the forums or whatever because the game hasn't come out yet, a 10-15 minute video would suffice to catch them up. Let me know what you think.
    • By Calien
      Hello Imperium I am Calien a Diplomat from Tactical Advance.  I thought I would share with you here some of my stories I write for the Phoenix Wing in our Organisation. 
      The idea was to explain the idea and principle of this wing.  As it is a coming together of industry focused players in times of need to utilise there military ships and skills.  It is not a military wing but a Dad's army of volunteers. 
      I hope you enjoy this first story I wrote in the series.  The names are actual organisation members and so might read odd. 
      Phoenix Wing 
      It always feels odd to be planetside. The vibration is fading from the floor plates, and the quiet is somehow disturbing. I sit and wonder how it has come to this. My ship is a mess. The cargo bay is holed, my cooling system died, and the power supply is leaking something I cannot even describe.
      I headed out for a simple cargo drop; two days and 3 jumps out and a Vanduul pack spots me. I spent the next day running back here. Dumped my cargo and took out one Hunter with the debris. The lower mass gave me the added velocity to make quantum drive and escape. Tactical Advance just cannot spare the fighters to escort me at the moment.

      The battle for the Terra Space station has gone on too long. We are running low on fighters and the capitals are busy, and it doesn’t help that the commercial businesses are bleeding credits as well. We cannot function like this. What a sorry lot we have become.
      Life must get easier. We were a powerful organisation a month ago; now I am wondering if we will make it another week.

      I grab a bag, stuff a clean change of clothes in there and strap on my arc light. The walk to the ArcCorp bar is uneventful. Stanton is a reasonable place to dock, as there is plenty of work and the place is safe enough by day. ArcCorp is as much an old time truck stop as it can get. The showers are suitable if doorless, the beer is flat and almost cold, the staff never smile. Ship parts are hung on the walls and suspended from the ceiling--the trophies of previous missions and Vanduul exploits. All taken by traders fighting for their survival.
      Sitting at the bar is a familiar face. Flaming Cookie looks bleary eyed and sad. Owner of the biggest privately owned fleet in the sector, a joy flight is not even possible now. His ships are immediate targets for the local Pirate gang, Voodoo. He's effectively grounded until he can hire a wing to escort him. He looks like he has been camped here for days. I hope he does not do something rash.
      I attempt to swagger over to my usual corner booth, signalling the bar for my usual.  I find Innocence sitting there already passed out in the corner, smelling of stale scotch. The shiny new cybernetic left hand is testament to why. Canis, Absurd Racoon, and Physicist are deep in a heated argument. I really need to try and remember their real names….
      Physicist looks at me and shakes his head. He storms off obviously disgusted, Canis joins him.
      “What did I miss that seems intense?” I ask not really sure I have the energy to be truly interested at this point. The room is getting fuzzy at the edges; two days of hard terrorised flying takes a toll on the senses.
      Absurd shrugs and looks hungrily at my beer. I slide it over to him and head for a shower. He has not had a single days work in two weeks. Hard to get credits as a Communications officer when every ship is grounded or running silent.

      Feeling clean and more alert I return to our booth. I am greeted, not by a filthy self-loathing explorer or a broke comms officer, but by a vaguely familiar trio. Methos looking clean and crisp in his trademark gold buttoned blazer. He seems to have added a patch, some sort of bird, I think--my vision is still bleary. He is a slight man. His small stature has always seemed more so by his choice of company. Status, always by his side, is tall and stern. There is a calm in his eyes I often find unsettling. A little to one side stands Calien. A horrifying man; more cybernetic than flesh these days, and a hand always near his crossbow. Too many years hunting pirates for coin in that one.
      I slide into my seat cautiously. In their own way, every member of his group is successful in the ‘Verse. What could bring such skilled and contrasting pilots together?  And what do they want of me?
      Methos waves and the waiter runs into the galley. He returns with a steaming bowl of house stew and a real glass of Malbec. He places both in front of me.
      I look from Status to Methos, too afraid to ask. Is this my last meal or will I get to earn this food?  In times this tough, it is hard to tell.
       “Muffin." It's been ages since I've spoken to Methos but he always says my name with a little smile on his face.
      "I believe we could be of help to each other.” Now back in his matter of fact way of speaking. “Have you ever heard of Phoenix Wing?”
      Status sends Calien off to gather his drunken cohorts Absurd, Canis, and Physicist with a look. I’m glad they can keep that dog under control. Calien sneers, “We’ll have teach her how to fight in that tinned can first.”. The line between bounty hunter and pirate can be very fine; at least if Calien is with Methos he’s on the right side of it.
      “So what is Phoenix Wing?  And what will it cost me….”I ask.

      Written by Calien
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