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10 For the Chairman Episode 59


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Chris says Hi. Thanks to subscribers who enable 10FTC, AtV, JumpPoint, etc, etc. You're all awesome. Go you.


Squadron 42 is shaping up really well. It has a really big story arc which will be split into a trilogy.

Episode 1 releases this year and has 70 Wing Commander missions.

  • Formulated differently that Wing Commander. Here you can fly a space mission, land get out, get into a firefight, chase a pirate, and take off to get into a battle. That is one mission in SQ42 whereas in Wing Commander that would be 3-4 missions.
  • SQ42 Episode 1 will be about 20 missions, 20 hours of gameplay.

Episode 2 is what goes on behind enemy lines. Everyone who backed up to 6mil gets for free.

  • Episode 2 is 2016

Epidode 3 is 2017


Each episode is the equivalent of a huge CoD campaign

They're going to be shooting through the end of June.


1: There are some great dogfighters in the game and they've gottewn there by playing. How will that skill progression and the concept of the more you play the better you become apply to other careers like a medic and or a surgeon?

  • That is the way it will work with mining, but it's too early to say how that will apply to medics.
  • There may be some higher level stuff beyond applying a med-pac.
  • Perhaps some level of skill in triaging injuries and saving someone's life.
  • That's something we'll focus on down the road.
  • In the beginning in the Cutlass Red it will be ablout getting to people, getting them into your ship and applying a med pack or hooking them up to an advanced med device.
  • Later on we'll do a more complicate operation on a hospital ship.

2: Regarding ships weapons can we expect to see anything besides traditional colored lines going in a straight line? Perhaps something like a lightning bolt or a shock wave?

  • There are deffinitely more.
  • FPS is have an electroshock gun
  • Neutron guns and plasma guns will have different projectiles.


3:  Will there be any other use for mined resources besides selling them to an economic node?

  • You will be able to mine and if you like refine it yourself.
  • First stage is NPC economic nodes, then later we'll have player-owned nodes.
  • Perhaps later on in the chain you could own a munitions/ship/widget factory and turn your mined material into finished goods.


4:  Will we be able to fabricate weapons/armor/ship parts?

  • If a player owns an economic node that is how you would generate these items.
  • We're not planning on everyone owning a node but that would be a long term goal for someone.
  • Building / crafting on a smaller scale isn't really in the plans.
  • No bespoke manufacturers?


5:  Are there any plans to incorporate helmet-cam feeds that could facilitate battle commander roles?

  • There will definitely be spectator modes.
  • I don't know about having something like in Aliens because CryEngine isn't very good at rendering multiple camera views at the same time.
  • We are working on a streaming client that will stream to a multi-plexor and you might be able to implement it like that.
  • Definitely should be in the game, just longer term.
  • We're also planning on having "Traffic Cams" on Sol 2 or something and you can go to the website and see what's happening in the world.
  • You'll be able to navigate to a friend's profile and see if they're online and select his stream and just see what he's doing in the game.


6:  Why did you move away from the asymmetric design of the Herald?

  • We were showed the design and Jim Marlin was playing with some other ideas.
  • I preferred one of the later ones. It's slightly asymmetrical but not like the early one.
  • I felt it was visually more interesting. If I'd seen it sooner we would have had that one from the beginning.


7:  How will the 2 x S2 shields work on the Vanguard?

  • There will be two shield nodes that cover different portions (half) of the ship.
  • If one goes down you haven't lost the whole shield.
  • The bigger capital ships will have multiple shield generators at various points so there isn't a single point of failure for shield coverage.


8:  When it comes to the FPS, what games have you drawn inspiration from? Would you describe Space Marine as having a familiar feel or flavor? How will that portion of the game differ from other types of FPS experiences?

  • I play CoD and Battlefield (Battlefield is my favorite for its teamwork aspect)
  • Multicrew ships should feel like Battlefield but much more detailed and ambitious.
  • FarCry 3 and 4 are a lot of fun.
  • I don't want it to be too much like all the other FPSs but we have different constraints.
  • Our respawn mechanic is very different for instance.
  • CoD doesn't feel very organic.
  • Battlefield and FarCry feel the most organic to me.
  • Our FPS will be more session oriented instead of constant respawning.
  • We want it to feel like the Battlefield handling and weapons but the tactics of Rainbox 6 or Arma 3.
  • There will be tradeoffs, there will be an akward heavy helmet that has a worse view or bounces more but takes more hits.
  • Heavy armor can't sprint as much as light armor and it will be harder to catch your breath.
  • It comes down to resource management and that's something missing from run-and-gun FPSs.
  • Destiny has nice weapon-handling.
  • Between the Battlefields / Destiny and the Arma 3s.


9: Will there be any advantages between wearing light and medioum armor vs heavy armor?

  • Read the above.
  • There will be endurance, visibiliyty, durability buffs or penalties to each.

10:  What level of control should we expect when giving commands to NPSs in FPS? How will we do this?

  • The first iteration of FPS will not have NPCs, it will be multi-player only at the beginning.
  • There will eventually be a horde mode of marines vs outlaws or outlaws vs marines.
  • We'll add on with other FPS scenarios and they will eventually feature NPCs
  • NPC commands will be similar to what we're working on for AC
  • Attack my target, cover my six, cover my wing, but for FPS.
  • Attack my target, cover my six, breach that door, etc.


This is the last 10FTC for a while as Chris is leaving for the UK to oversee performance capture for S42.

We may try to do a 10FTC from the UK but it's going to be very busy.


Thanks again to the subscribers who make these videos possible and to the backers who are making this game possible.

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I like the idea of the shield nodes covering specific parts of ships rather than them all working together. Which means in a strategic battle against large ships people can target one area to get its shield down in that area. The area might be a critical spot such as power plants and or engines. It also means ships of a smaller scale but still have multiple shield nodes such as the vanguard can can rotate the ship to take some pressure of one of the shield nodes should it get low.

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Episode 2 is what goes on behind enemy lines. Everyone who backed up to 6mil gets for free.

  • Episode 2 is 2016

I do hope it wont be an absolutely obscene amount for people who have pledged after that... 

EDIT - after doing some  lurking on the main forums, it seems that episode 1 covers the first arc of the storyline in full, and anything after that is expansive to the story. Thats not bad at all... :)

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