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    • By Pagan_X2
      Verified PayPal -- buyer pays fees. 
      -- $475 + fees --
      Looking to sell my limited, discounted UEE Exploration Package. All ships included have LTI. Comes with:
      Dragonfly (Black) 
      Star Citizen and SQ42 Digital Downloads
      20,000 UEC

    • By GDurbin
      I want to sell my account (US) since I never play the game.  Paypal only.  Please DM if interested.
      *** Please note ships are not giftable and only exchangeable for store credit. ***
      PRICE:  $650 (Melt value of account is $945)
      Account includes the following:
      Hammerhead LTI Sabre LTI Cutlass Black LTI Dragonfly 60mos Ins. 1 Pledge Buyback available w/ Vanguard Warden or Retaliator Base as options.

    • By Codryn
      Hello. I`m starting to say that I loved this game, from 2014 when I was in USA and I bought my Hotas Warthog and soon after some custom rudders from Europe. But that was then and now is now. My kid was born in 2017 and I love him much more then SR and I simply don`t have the time or the money to keep this game and I have to sell the whole account because I can`t invest in it anymore to make bound items tradable. I have the following items in it:
      Main Package - Advanced Hunter - LTI - Avenger Stalker and 8 items  $75.00 USD
      "Starting Money: 2,000 UEC Lifetime Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Digital Star Citizen Manual Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download" Add-Ons - Harbinger Battlefield Upgrade Kit LTI $45.00 USD
      Standalone Ship - Aegis Vanguard - LTI $250.00 USD
      Standalone Ship - Anvil Carrack - LTI $350.00 USD
      Standalone Ship - Reliant Mini Hauler - LTI upgraded to Crusader Mercury Star Runner $225.00 USD
      Crusader Mercury Nightrunner Skin
      Epoch Society T-Shirt
      Aeon Club T-Shirt
      Christmas Reward 2016! Hangar decoration
      100M Reward - 2944 War Bond Hangar decoration
      56M Reward - J-Span Cryo-Star Cooler
      55M Reward - Preacher Armament Inquisition XXII Gatling
      Space Globes Hangar decoration
      Christmas 2014 reward! Holiday Wreath
      December 2014 Backer Reward: Takuetsu Consolidated Outland Mustang / Mustang Box
      On buyback history I have many ships that I got and then melted to make this final fleet. If anyone is interested I can show him/her all my items with skype/discord share screen.
      Melted value of all items is 1095USD. I hope to get 1095 if is possible, me paying paypal fees.
      edit: here is my buyback list, I have multiple ships of same type but I only listed them once
      Standalone Ship - Aegis Eclipse LTI
      Standalone Ship - Hull A - LTI (multiple)
      Standalone Ship - Hull B - LTI (multiple)
      Standalone Ship - Drake Dragonfly Ride Together Two-Pack LTI
      Standalone Ship - Aopoa Nox LTI (multiple)
      Standalone Ship - Aegis Sabre - LTI
      Standalone Ship - Drake Herald - LTI (multiple)
      Standalone Ship - Kruger P-72 Archimedes - LTI (multiple)
      Standalone Ship - Reliant Mini Hauler - LTI (multiple)
      Ship Upgrades - Avenger to Sabre Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Cutlass Black to Cutlass Blue Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Cutlass Blue to F7C-M Super Hornet Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Cutlass Blue to Retaliator Base Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Cutlass Blue to Sabre Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Vanguard Warden to Merchantman Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Vanguard Warden to Harbinger Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Hull B to M50 Interceptor Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Sabre to Khartu-Al Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Sabre to F7C Hornet Wildfire Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Sabre to Hurricane Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to F7C-M Super Hornet Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to Sabre Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to Freelancer MIS Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to Khartu-Al Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Gladiator to Freelancer MIS Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Dragonfly Yellowjacket to Anvil Terrapin Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Freelancer MIS to F7C-M Super Hornet Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Freelancer MIS to Gladiator Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Freelancer DUR to 350r Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - Freelancer DUR to Freelancer MIS Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - F7C-S Hornet Ghost to 350r Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - F7C-M Super Hornet to Freelancer MIS Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - F7C-M Super Hornet to Gladiator Upgrade
      Ship Upgrades - M50 Interceptor to Cutlass Black Upgrade
      Add-Ons - Sentinel Battlefield Upgrade Kit LTI for Vanguard Warden
      Add-Ons - Advocacy Tools
      Add-Ons - Origin Racing Suit
      Add-Ons - Model II Arclight Sidearm
      Add-Ons - UEE Environment Coat
      (on a side note anyone can tell how much can I sell a EU BDO account with full tri boss set on 2 characters lvl 56, many pets, maids, costumes etc.?)
      Does anyone know, how much my WoT account?
      23 TIER X
      18 TIER VII
      12 TIER VI
      61 PREMIUM TANK AND T55A/OBJ260/M60
      1615 WN8 52,32% W,R 39.082 BATTLES

    • By Ostia
      Hello Once More @Imperium Members!
      This month we’ll be continuing the format from last time! In case you missed it, here is the explanation of the changes and some new information related to how Game Days will operate in the near future:
      We wanted to improve the experience of Game Day overall and felt that with Star Citizen in its current state just doesn’t warrant the amount of effort that we had once been able to put into it. IE. Custom Scenarios, Hype Trailers, Streaming, Competitions. Eventually that will change again and we can get back to the game that we are so anxiously awaiting. Until that time we would like to keep Game Day’s focus as a team building event that gives us a regular time each month that we can set aside to play games as an org. 
      You’ll notice at the top of this post there is a poll with several games as options. If you plan on taking part in this Game Day, please vote for your favorite choice from this list, and those that play in the chosen game will be added into a raffle! The poll will close on this next Friday, the 25th of May.
      You’ll still be free to join in with anyone else that would be playing Star Citizen, so don’t worry if you don’t have any of the games in the list.
      If you would like to suggest game to play together as an org on future Game Day’s please leave us suggestions in this thread and we will add them to the poll for the next event.
      We’ll also be shortening the duration of Game Day for this month. Instead of 1600 UTC through 0400 UTC, we’ll be starting at 1800 UTC and run to 0400 UTC.
      Joining Game Day
      For those of you that want to make a return visit, or show up for the first time, you only need to enter the Landing Channel on Teamspeak (ts.starcitizenbase.com), and one of our Hosts will direct you to the action!
      As for most other Game Day’s, we will be providing raffles for participants that play games in Star Citizen. However, this month we will be only conducting a participation raffle, so if you join any Star Citizen games created by other Imperium members, you’ll be entered into the raffle!
      As mentioned above, we will also be conducting a participation raffle for the winning game from the poll. Said game will have several TS channels created for players to meet up and play together, and doing so will enter you into this second raffle as well!
      Since we are hosting two games at once, be sure to check in with an officer or specialist that your name was added to the raffle of the game you played in! (As much as we may pretend otherwise, our Game Day hosts are still human, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your chance to win free stuff)
      The prizes for both raffles will be $10 Star Citizen gift cards, and the winners of the raffles will be PM’d in the following week to confirm their prizes.
      New to Star Citizen?
      Read this post for information on the game and our Game Days: