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10 For the Chairman Episode 58

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Remember you can listen to the entire collection of 10FTC episodes right here: 10FTC Compilation Courtesy of Shoklar


1 – Will players be able to join Arena Commander matches already in session

  • Yes, there's no reason why they wouldn't eventually be able to.
  • We're implementing a new match-maker (make me a match!)
  • It will be part of the UI interface, shortly.

2 – I want to have a hangar party. Will I be able to issue a code that allows everyone in for the weekend? Will my hangar get instanced?

  • The first iteration uses the follower implementation, but we want to use a friends implementation.
  • You'll be able to send friends an invite and they'll be able to come in.
  • We're looking for as many as 32 players in the Astro Arena so we may get up to that level in the hangar.
  • Memory, framerate, polys, etc.
  • Expect between 8 and 32 in the first iteration.
  • Won't you be playing the FPS module instead? How will we tell each other apart?


3 – If we use a balistic weapon smaller than the size alloted to a mount, could we carry more ammo?

  • No. There is a min and a max size on a given mount.
  • The sizing doesn't give you an adapter to spend that unused point.
  • There may be eventually though.


4 – Is Star Citizen coming to Linux?

  • We run it in Linux, but there is no OpenGL graphics dll.
  • CryEngine was working on one but it hasn't gotten to an acceptable performance standard.
  • They're looking at OpenGL support next after DX12.


5 – How will the larger ships manage given the loss of one point size on gimbaled mounts? Will the larger ships be compensated as they can't maneuver like a smaller ship?

  • Too many people are panicked, but it's a matter of the confusion over size and class.
  • They will be adjusted so that they live in their appropriate spaces. We're not gimping the Hornet and buffing the Aurora.
  • You're not going to get rid of turrets because of the loss of one size.
  • We will adjust sizes to make everything work.
  • Remember none of these numbers are locked in stone.
  • The dogfighting ships will still be just that.


6– I don't want to fight off boarders while wearing space pajamas. What is the heaviest class of armor that can be worn when piloting a ship?

  • While piloting you would be in up to light armor in a Hornet or medium in a Constellation and larger ships.
  • You can't be piloting a ship sitting down in titan armor.
  • It wouldn't take too long to change, and will probably just run as an animation.
  • Heavier armor will take longer to put on than lighter armor but we haven't figured out times yet.
  • Duckies and bunnies everybody.


7 – Has CIG committed to a platform for VR such as Oculus or are you platform agnostic at the moment?

  • We're never going to commit to one platform.
  • Chris Roberts loves wonderous variety.
  • Some of the new VR support will come in later this year perhaps with S42.
  • We're more focused on the Zone system, and streaming system right now.
  • This trumps supporting cool hardware.
  • @wcloaf is CIG aware HTC is providing the HTC Vive for free to developers?


8 – Is there a plan to make a physical grappling hook with wires?.

  • There's no reason we can't.
  • Rope physics is easy enough but energy-based is easier.


9 – Can we expect to see clothing grazed town burned and then scraped, wounds, limbs disabled?

  • Yes. We will have procedural damage but you won't see it with the first release of the FPS.


10 – Will there be items like keycards that restrict where members go on my ship?

  • Yes, it is part of the GOST/GHOST? (Game Object State machine)
  • Chris doesn't remember what T was supposed to stand for.
  • It's a modularized logic set that is network aware.
  • You can attach it to items or elements of your ship to trigger lights, alarms, etc.
  • The doors opening on the 'Tali is driven by this system.
  • If there is a red light you may be locked out or may need to present a keycard which could open that door or allow access to ten different doors.


Chris thanks for everyone's questions and asks everyone to be patient as the questions are not always the same ones over again.


Thanks to the subscribers!  One more show before Chris goes to the UK for a few months to shoot all the motion capture for S42.


Star Citizen is the game deal of the century: The Dread Pirate Roberts is excited and is having a great time making it  :D

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2:30 – Hangar parties & instancing.


When we have a big party of 32 players in our hangar..... how are we going  to be able to tell each other apart other than the name above the head (think there are only a couple of different looks - without full character customization yet - but they maybe further along - we'll see...)....... should be hilarious though  :P

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From what he was saying at the end it sounded like the Social module is basically finished but they want to release FPS first(whish is being held up by polishing) and that they want to add a gap between FPS and the Social Module of atleast a month. So I guess we can expect May for the Social Module then.

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