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Around the Verse Episode 37

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Empire Report:

  • Synthworld Explosion: Footage of a kilometer's long burst of flame and an insider's report of what went wrong.
  • Saisei Governor dead: Was foul play involved?
  • Scientifica Honorarium winners announced: Research that may change how you hear sounds in space!


1.1 was released:

  • Damage effects, Gladius flyable, REC
  • Please uninstall and reinstall to remove the build up crud.
  • 1.1 manual
  • Retaliator brochure, and hangar ready.
  • So popular we've had to expand number of servers.
  • 1.1a coming soon (why 1.1a? We're debating that ourselves)

Star Citizen is on instagram: You can see our dinner in sepia-tone!


News from Around the Verse:


CIG - Santa Monica with Darian and Matt Sherman (tech designer)

  • Bad news: Aurora mount discrepency - A few incorrect values were added, we're fixing it.
  • Endeavor (hospital ship) and Crucible (repair ship) entering concept phase.
  • Starting work on the Genesis Starliner
  • Matt knows of another one but he's not talking about it.
  • We're working on getting the Constellation flight ready - Will be flyable in the near future
  • Austin is finishing the redesign.


Illfonic with David (sr producer) Chuck (pres) Travis (producer CIG)

  • Knocking out bugs on FPS
    • Rendering issues in the Gold Horizon station
  • Physics issue and collision issues with hangar doors, etc. (30 bugs)
  • Not happy with the breathing component at the moment.
    • It doesn't feel quite right.
    • Should be done this week.
    • Will be an awesome game mechanic
  • In Zero G if you're flying and run into an object with your right shoulder it should have an effect with your physics state.
    • Will blend between physics control and mission (individual) control.
    • Travis wants to call it the Articulated Entity Generalized Impulse System (AEGIS - Get it?)

CIG - Austin with Jake Ross (assoc prod) and Mark Skeltor (art dir extraordinaire, and circus clown)

  • ART in the PU
  • Working with BHVR on Terra and Nyx
  • Finished with much of the whitebox on Nyx:
    • Exposed rock, ice
    • It's a dank environment, full of scum and villany
    • And probably black mold
  • Terra:
    • Monorails, places to see, the spaceport, etc.

Foundry 42 with John (sr tech designer) and Simon (sr designer)

  • Working on the Argo:
    • It carries cargo, but on the back which makes for odd thruster placement:
    • Two of the main engines are on the landing gear, which have to rotate around.
    • When you want to liftoff, there's nothing to provide the upward thrust.
  • Balancing weapons for the FPS release: simulating everything versus having fun.
  • Doing tech design on S42 particularly the looting system.
  • You want to keep stuff but not have it be too obtrusive.


Bugsmashers with Mark (monitor shows Terry Crewe in drag)

  • It's his last episode because he just won the warhead jackpot and he's taking an early retirement.
  • Mass bug: Mustang shows 24.000 mass and it should be 13.500 and it's currently empty.
  • The main model shows base units, and there's a second one that specifies variants.
  • If the designers don't specify mass for each one, it grabs the mass from the first model and then copy it to the second model and add them.
  • Also looked at an error that changed the center of mass.
  • Mark drinks coffee and eats more warheads.

MVP with Will Lewis


Interview with Gurmuhk and Lance discussing the Vanguard.

  • Deep space heavy fghter
  • Meant to fly from planet side bases to star systems away and take out larger Vanduul ships or small stragglers.
  • Long-range fuel tanks lets it travel very large distances means its first to the fight.
  • It can pack a punch and is meant to take a lot of damage and still make it home.
  • Inspired by the P-38: Trades maneuverability for range and armor.
  • Vanguard versus the F-8? The Vanguard is awesome! And has living quarters.
  • B1 folding wings were an inspiration, as was the Batmobile/Tumbler

Cohesive design:

  • We're defining each company both ship and weapon manufacturers.
  • AEGIS is primarily military so stealthy versus boxy Anvil Hornets.
  • Each manufacturer will maintain the same feel all the way across the brand.
  • You will be able to see a ship and just know who makes it.


  • Weapons and shields can swap, but we want to make sure these aren't LEGO ships.
  • They still need to maintain their core identity.


Ryan Archer interviews Assoc Producer Jake Ross:

  • What do you do? I'm surpervised by Jason Hutchins and help run the operation. I take the plans from the customers to the engineers. Or my assistant Debbie does. That and I make sure the work is getting done. I act as a mediator. I have people skills dammit!
  • You used to be an artist?  Yes, but I discovered after Texas A&M that that wasn't my calling and found a home in project management.
  • Does the art background help you understand?  Yes, I can see where they're coming from, but can also help bring them and the designers together.
  • You work with Mark Skelton a lot?  Yes, we work with BHVR a lot and translate the art direction to make sure the work for the PU gets done.
  • How do you like working with the artists?  It's a blast. Sometimes it's such a riot I just have to try to keep my head down and make sure my work is completed.
  • How do you like Austin?  There's nobody here I don't get along with, and I love the space.
  • What do you like the most here?  I like working with Mark to make sure the spaces we're building become the most we could have hoped from them.  It's cool to see it all come to fruition.
  • What are you looking forward to most in SC?  I'm looking forward to the monumentalism of the styles in the PU and looking forward to iconic structures like the Jedi temple but in SC. And seeing these things grow, like where buildings and neighborhoods can be identified by the time period they should have been built lore-wise. The art tells a story.
  • Favorite ship?  The M-50 with it's sleek looks and the Galactic Gear commercial.  And the Herald with it's role as a super-fast info-running career.


  • Free fly week with the Gladius starts tomorrow.
  • Vanguard sale starts tomorrow.
  • Gamescon and Citizencon tickets coming up.
  • Third year subscriber information is coming up.
  • New corporate website for CIG.
  • We're hiring!

Sneak Peek is a silhouette of the Vanguard wings moving.

Animation here:


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