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10 For the Chairman Episode 57

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Chris just got back from SXSW.

The video was meant to give a preview of just some of the PU community.

They've done a company-wide FPS playtest across all the studios and it was fun. They're still polishing it.

Chris shows a plaque from Total Immersion Roleplay, a coin from OPF, and a recruiting poster from Captain Razor.


1 – Will we be able to repair and even improve stations like Gold Horizon.

  • Yes. Not right out of the box but you'll be able to fix it up and even add rooms and modules.


2 – How will taxes in the game work?

  • Taxes will be simple.
  • Taxes on trade and comsumption (landing fee, sales tax, value added tax)
  • Orgs will be able to tax/tithe their members at X per month.


3 – Natural areas in the ‘Verse such as an aboretum, parks, etc?

  • Yes. Not everywhere but where it's appropriate.
  • Not on the industrial world of ArcCorp


4 – Are there FPS environmental hazards like barrels of flammable gasses, etc?

  • Yes. And it's already in.
  • Explosions will effect physics.
  • In zero-g a broken steam pipe will create wind that can deflect you.


5 – If I have an Orion can I store ore in my hangar?

  • Yes, although an Orion might hold more ore than your hangar can store.


6 – Will there be any organically grown ships?

  • Short term there are no plans for that.


7 – With different electronic systems can you mask your signal to appear to be a different ship?

  • You will be able to hide your ID (or appear as a trader if you're not).


8 – Since combat ships have more hardpoints, how will non-combat ships be relevant to the ship modularity stretch goal?

  • The hardpoints aren't necessairly points for changing weapons out.
  • Everything is attached to an itemport, and that will include science modules etc.
  • Right now we're talking about weapons, but there are itemports all over the inside of ships.
  • Each comtainer on an Orion is attached to an itemport.


9 – Will I be able to search players for weapons before they board my ship?

  • It's a good idea and shouldn't be hard to do.
  • It's something I think we will add.


10 – Will it be possible to fly a ship without a hud and rely solely on displays in the cockpit?

  • Yes, if it's set up in the proper way.
  • Your helmet plugs into your flight suit which plugs into the ship, so you can unplug depending on what you don't equip.
  • Some military ships may require all these components, but civilian ships would rely more on the diagetic displays.

Chris thanks everyone for coming to PAX East and SXSW.

They've been involved in some backend conferences.

If some of what they're discussing can be brought to fruition he can make SC even richer and bigger than he expected.


SP – Sneak Peek





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