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Wu Jen

My ROM's / REC System Up! Electronic Access

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Maybe part of the GHOST system? You'll be able to specify who can go in a) your hangar, b] once there what rooms in it, and c) which ships and items they can access.


I spoke too fast. The small text: View and manage your electronic ROMs and their associated items.  This is for Rental Object Maintenance. They said all REC items were bought though EA, and you would maintain your rantal. This is where you see what you have and what's expriring.


Thanks Wu Jen!  It looks really good!

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Very epic move CIG, now people can stop crying about paying to test/help the funding. (Yes I'm talking about the cupcakes on RSI forums) Everytime something new comes out in the VD I will buy it, now with REC. People can help with the testing to make the items better.


It's a WIN - WIN for everyone I think!. :wub:

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I am wondering. they say you use the ROM when you actually take the ship into AC. does this apply to the weapons it comes with? one could say... buy a 300i through REC, never fly it, but get some permanent Omniskys.  This will require some testing ^.^

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For many of us, who already owns most ships and weapons from before, the major use of the REC system will be to rent missiles and hard ammo.


I love the EA pun. Wonder what Electronic Arts thinks of it? I guess their lawyers twitch and turn but are frustrated because they can't do anything. :)

However, I fear how they will retaliate with "SC" puns in their future games. I can think of some but I don't want to give them any ideas ...

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I don't think we have to worry too much about the folks at Equum Asinum. But yeah, I hope they do get all twitchy about it.


I'm personally looking forward to renting the weapons so I can test them out on my ships.

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