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The Base Radio: Song Request Topic #1 [closed]

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New topic: https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/topic/17933-the-base-radio-song-request-topic-2/





Hello all!


Rellim here, station manager for The Base Radio.


As part of our plan of trying to be the best community radio for star citizen and integrate more into the scb community, I would like to open up our doors to input from all of you!


Some of you may remember that in the past, we had a form on our website allowing people to submit song request, but after a while most of that was being left behind. 


I would like to open up song request again, this time by simple means of a forum topic. 


Post below music you would like to hear on The Base!



Current Auto-DJ playlists include

- Soundtrack music

- Chill music (dance/trance etc)(got plenty of this for the moment thnx to DJ RO!)

- Classic Rock music

- Pop Standards

- Jazz / Blues

- Hardrock / Metal / Goth


This will pretty much encompass all popular genres in music, to please everyone, which is our main goal! 


(you may post youtube links, spotify links, or anything else you want)


Your input is highly valued, and as always much appreciated! Hopefully we can get lots of new music!







To get clear on people asking this question:

Our license does not allow us to do any sort of automatic request system. This rule is here so that people can't request a song and a minute later record it for their own use.


Anything non-automatic is still fine though. A live DJ can always play requests, should he have them in his library at the time. Any other requests can be put in the rotation for later playback in one of the playlists (but will still be random)

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That's unfortunatly not yet on our list of things to do. Would be hard to do with the current shoutcast sofware we use because the music on the auto-dj has to be added to the database before it can be played (it can't play content directly from youtube for instance). Something like an automated system would require download-convert-add-schedule all automatically, which would be very diffucult. Also we have limited space on our server which would mean whenever people massively make requests it would fill up the server quite quickly. 

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Gotcha. What would it take to cost wise to make it happen? I would definitely contribute fiscally to help the cause. I feel for song requests to really work it needs to be done in real time otherwise you run into situation of requesting songs and then really never hearing them.

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I don't know you setup build ...but some of the twitch bots can be used to queue up songs from youtube 

I think it's nightbot 




!songrequest  /watch?v=NLukRvKWBeA


would be added to the streaming machines quote



this is however subject to abuse i,e unless you set up a limit on song length and have mods checking in now and then 

you should be able to configure it  queue length numbers of entries from on user etc 


I'm loving the added genres <3  as i'm more into the metal/punk/folk metal/whatver'ish 


and i'm sure some of us are willing and able to donate a little 

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lol this is alot of links..



























Tristam playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE-oMOEZ7Rc&list=PLrxXqHDadmdct3JJdk0ibaiCIxW_UjQG_





 posts daily Electronic Music vids: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClownDubstep/videos




















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mostly metal'ish stuff tried to mix in a little something for every metal/goth/hard rock fan

Amon Amarth "Cry of the Black Birds"


Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine Fix


manson sweet dreams 



Adept - The Ivory Tower




INSOMNIUM - While We Sleep 



Bring Me The Horizon - (Let Them Sing)




115 (Remastered) - Kevin Sherwood & Elena Siegman (Treyarch 115 zombie COD)


machinae supremacy all of my angels


Within Temptation - Shot In The Dark



Within Temptation - Faster 


Icon for hire - make a move


Blue Statin - ultranumb 


Blue Stahli - Throw away



ENGEL - Question Your Place



KoRn - pray for me



All good things - Fight


30 Seconds To Mars - Beautiful Lie


30 Seconds to Mars: "From Yesterday" 


Kamelot - When the Lights Are Down


Caliban - Memorial


Thousand Foot Krutch - Be Somebody

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Alright @Doopsums aparrently that cannot be done, our SOCAN license aparrently also doesn't allow for automated requests.
About the costs: extra space on the server would be about $1/month per 1GB extra. We started with 10 as default and can add more to our subscription.






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So to estimate costs incurred to implement the feature, based off your best guess of number of requests and obtaining songs(which might also include costs), how much storage space do you think the base needs to support a healthy number of requests to get this thing up(we could obviously expand space if the feature takes off hypothetically speaking)?

If it seems feasible and present a concise lay out for the scb community to understand, maybe then we can run the idea of raising for this specific purpose?

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Taking a bit longer to update media library because I had to clean it up a bit before adding new music

In other news we have also added the little icon below the popup player that lets people request songs like before. Again it's simply a google form that registers your request and makes us aware of it, nothing more.


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