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PAX East Presentation and notes


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The Official Video:


The Experience:

Imperium, I welcome you to PAX East!

There are eight computers set up in front of the stage for the FPS module. They're being loaded now and someone is doing a fly-through of the level.

Gremlich, Isnoth, and I drinking Harpoon and waiting for the info.

People are on the stage
(Remember folks, drinking and delays don't mix.)

....And Chris Roberts graces our presence!!


AC 1.1.0 is on the PTU

  • Adds multiplayer free flight.
  • Unlimited exploration of AC's maps
  • Adds eight landing pads:

      Free flight in the PTU now has 8 landing pads inwhich you can now land at, via the new hud display by pressing "N".

      Once in very close range of the pad press "Middle Mouse button" to have a new hud display to show up the "landing path".

      Then simply edge close to the pad as much as you can, till the console takes over and lands your craft, (rather unsafely by watching it).


      Then to take off simply press "N" and off you go.


      Trying to land the "old way" is very dodgy at best, as it seems you're very likely to damage modules on the craft, as I have just tested on the Gladius resulting in a Thruster "critical damage" responce.



  • CIG wants you to try and break it in every way you can. Try and get in each others' ships, etc.
  • Ship Modularity: You can add a gimbal to almost any gun mount but at the cost of -1 to weapon size.
  • REC lasts for seven days of game play time and adds progression in the form of unlocks.
    • Electronic Access was bought out by Original Systems and is now just a digital storefront. You can rent from them using REC.
  • New damage tech:
    • Uses unique textures based on deformation thickness temperature and burn damage.
    • No longer needs predefined damage states.
    • (Video of turning the Gladius into a rocket powered penis)
    • (Video of writing RSI on a Gladius) Chris mentions that this is the ultimate form of tea-bagging someone in space.
    • Check the end -- notice how the ballistic impacts actually transfer their energy into the ship and push it away.
  • Retaliator hangar ready. Queue commercial! (You have no idea how good this looks!)


  • FPS discussion is next up (due in two to three weeks)
    • New animation rig caused some issues which is why FPS is delayed.
    • (Video of new rig and proper gun handling: much better!)
    • In space, wedding tackle is green. Just sayin'
    • Animation goal: to make the world feel real. From zero-g to 1g
  • International Development Software is releasing Space Marine which you'll be able to play in the SimPod.
  • Ablative armor, light armor, and heavy armor shown.
  • Weapons such as a "special" shotgun, sniper rifle, laser-grapple shown.
  • Grenades such as frag, flash, emp shown.


  • FPS will have two arenas in AC to start with:
    • Gold Horizon Station (PAX Australia demo location):
      • 8 v 8 entire environment is destructible
      • Gravity can be changed from Earth normal to zreo-g and back again.
      • Cue Video (They need to get rid of lens flares on the helmet. Seriously)
    • Enders Game battle sphere:
      • 16 v 16
      • Non-lethal team-based combat
      • Everybody yells, "The Enemies' gate is down!"

-(volunteers sit down to demo FPS in zero g.)

-(I wish I still lived in Boston. Wait, no I don't.)
-Push pull mechanic is awesome. People are walking hand over hand on the obstacles and slinging themselves forward or kicking off backwards.

-Nobody is using the grapple to swing.
-In space you can lose your helmet.
-Go Nick! Disconnects suck. Devs lose 4-3 (One Dev disconnect right at the end, dies AFK)


Video of the FPS presentation recorded by GamersNexus:


Release schedule shown:

Next few months:

  • FPS module (though CR personally said one to two weeks)
  • Social Module (though he said it would release in April)

Middle of 2015:

  • Arena Commander 2.0 MultiCrew!
  • 196k8jja4f4ecpng.png

End of 2015:

  • First episode of Squadron 42 released
  • Pre-Alpha Persistant Universe.

Picture of what you just read:



Chris is leaving to go backstage and do an interview for PC Gamer. No more panels. Time to drink and play!
PC Gamer Interview courtesy of VoA



Edit: free flight week coupon given out. Give it to friends, they can log in download and play without buying anything!
PAXEASTFREEFLY2K15 exp 13 Mar 2015

Thanks everybody! We're out!


VoA or others, feel free to post others notes below, and I'll incorporate with credit the OP
Thanks to CC-Corp , VoA, and LloydM for the additional content and links! CyberianK, I looked for BadNewsBaron but didn't see him. It turns out I had mistaken him for the official videographer!

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Categories: Blog CIG Event Livestreams Presentation Tags: Bad News Baron badnewsbaron FPS livestream PAX EastPosted by: Nehkara Comments:2

Hey Citizens!  In case you missed it, check out the recording here!  http://imperialnews.network/2015/03/recording-bad-news-barons-pax-east-livestream/

Gigantic, universe-sized thanks to BadNewsBaron for partnering with us for his livestream of the PAX East Star Citizen event and FPS demo.


Watch live video from BadNewsBaron on Twitch

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Did they give out anything to people that brought tickets?.


Also there is no CS: GO look a like!


Golden Horizon Map

- Dear GOD, that map just for 8 players is big!. Anyone up for hide and seek?.


Zero G Map


-Ark Light Pistol with Grappling Beam = Mortal Kombat Scorpion




THANK YOU GUYS FOR THIS EPIC THREAD! After watching the vids....OMG


P.S. I need someone to help me out with a build, please PM me. I LOVE IMPERIUM!!!!

Edited by CODENAME: レイブン
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No we didn't get a shot at it. They were having trouble keeping it stable so there were resets between matches. Hence the delay in its release by an additional week or two. The good news is that CR came out as they were cutting the line so we just turned right around and we're at the front of it for pictures! Small favors right?

Crow, there was no swag given for ticketholders. I imagine (hopefully) that they may resolve that in the next few days.

From what I saw, as the line was cut in front of us, FPS should be very fun. 16 v 16 in the battle sphere well lend itself very much to teamwork as otherwise you'll be incapacitated in moments. I didn't see people trying much in the way of tactics but then they only got to play for a few rounds and weren't communicating.

The grapple will be very important to use as will push/pull and body holds to keep either sacrificial teammates or fallen friends/foes close as shields.

The laser pistol fires fairly rapidly, and I didn't see anyone having overheat problems. That said, it fired overly rapidly for my taste, lending itself more to laser-spamming than controlled deliberate fire.

They didn't show Gold Horizon other than the video fly through. 8 v 8 there can lead to some real ambush tactics given the size of the map. With no respawn that will be a steep learning curve. I'm sure we can practice on each other easily enough.

Looking forward to playing with you all!

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Man I was sitting right near you with my wife. Didn't know other imperium people where there :)  Stinks I missed out on a photo opp. After a long day at Pax and waiting two hours for the event to start at the club my wife and I bailed after Chris was done on stage.  Didnt know he choose to mingle afterwards.  Wish he has while we were waiting those two hours.  That would have made more sense.

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