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Ascent - The Space Game

Khad Rogo

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Evening Pilots,

I just wanted to post this new space sim that I've just only heard about, it was released on Steam only two days ago (27/02/15);




"Ascent is a PVE sandbox space MMO with 270,000,000,000 star systems and an emphasis on strong Sci Fi, exploration, colonization, starbase construction, research and technology, mining and farming, trading and combat. Outside first sector, everything in game is made by players." - Steam


If your one like me, who is craving for the PU and has been hugely disappointed with ED then check out either the steam link or their website http://www.thespacegame.com/....Least in this game you can actually land on planets that you have discovered and get out......ohh did I mention everything in outside the first sector is player made......


See you in the verse pilots!


Khad Rogo

Rear Admiral

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I also saw it, and it does look interesting. It has a very small comminuty however, and that is blocking me from getting it. I'm afraid it will feel like a single player game, without any player interaction.

But being rather cheap, I may end up getting it anyways

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Curiosity won; I purchased it yesterday.

Didn't have much time to play, i'm halfway through the tutorial (which, by the way, does not hold you by hand; it makes you think about what you must do to progress, which is the best way of learning things in my opinion).

Can't really express an opinion after such a short time, but first impressions:

  • The starting areas had quite a number of people in it - game didn't feel empty at all
  • People online were friendly and helpful
  • Despite the simple appearance, there seems to be quite a deep layer of gamelay mechanics, and lots of playstile options
  • Graphics are pretty bad, and I can't understand reviewers on steam who say otherwise. Not that I particularly care, just surprised that some people found it attractive
  • UI seems pretty straightforward (again, in contrast to some reviews - but personally I found it easily understandable. Then again, I also read of people complaining about the tutorial; I guess it depends on how you approach games - I don't like extreme hand holding)
  • Combat seems simple and not very engaging, but I understand it's due for an overhaul soon
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i also got it, i thinks its a pretty good game for that price!


well its a little bit buggy sometimes, but so far nothing that a relog couldnt handle (and rly not that often)

the ppl are really helpful and sell stuff pretty cheap to new ppl

to combat: there is only pve combat and only in one zone as far as i heard, its more a T&I/explo game than combat ;)


im really looking forward to exploring, now that i got my mammoth, only need a hyperdrive and im good to go!

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Might hev to give this a whirl. I was considering this game and another that was remastered but couldnt think of the name. Homeworld or sumthing like that.

Love to hear ur thoughts on both games to see which I should try out while im waiting for this game to release.

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