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Ongoing Discussion updated as of 6 December 2017- MOAR component discounts

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I get these notifications in the email - lots of great deals to be found for RAM, SSDs, etc

Newegg and Microcenter, sometimes PNY, mostly Newegg, though, 

really! get moar stuff, NO REALLY!!


buy buy buy!! good deals on SSDs, DDR4 RAM, next gen Intel CPUs

And if you want help kitting out a computer, use pcpartpicker

If you want help building a computer, there are loads of videos on newegg and youtube (for instance 

just go to Youtube and search for "build a gaming computer" and you'll get lots of options to view.)


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The next Newegg promo ends 9 March


From Tiger Direct: OCZ ARC 100 120GB SSD for $50!! perfect for your Star Citizen only drive


The FX-8350, after mail-in coupon, is $170 at both Newegg and TigerDirect


The Core i5-4690 is $230 from TigerDirect and Newegg 


promo over

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Newegg specials which expire on 25 May 2015


items like an EVGA GTX 970 (04G-P4-2978-KR) for $359 (after using a promo code) and also comes with a $20 rebate


or an ASUS Z97-A LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard for $140 (after using a promo code)



some more specials


EVGA GTX970 with two games - $370 after MIR

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  • Similar Content

    • By Basard

      If you like many are in the process of building a machine powerful enought to play Star Citizen, and require build guidance. This page may help you choosing the right hardware to give you a decent and enjoyable experience in the PU going forward.
      As time goes forward i'll update this post with current and new specs as time pass's.
      CPU 8 Core+ With the latest open dev interview at Citizencon, we have word from the horse's mouth (CIG graphics engineering dev), that this game will indeed favour Threads > IPC. Meaning a CPU with more cores will in general give you better performance. "Multicore is the key though, going wide (more threads) is the direction we're going, it's where everyone is going like high end I7's and I9's there's plenty of bandwidth there". Currently people on 3.0 are reporting that 4C/4T CPUs are struggling with the 3.0 PTU, so suggesting an I5 is foolheartedly at this point in time. It's hard to even recommend a 6 core with Hyperthreading from both vendors, simply because the industry standard in 2018 will be 8 cores and 16 threads. Mainly thanks to Intel releasing there Z390 boards 1st half of 2018 with support for 8 core CPU's. As Well as Ryzen and which there new refresh that's scheduled to release around Feb 2018.
      Be careful if you are considering a Z370 motherboard! As this is more than likely a dead end platform much like the Kabylake Z270's just after 6 months. As they are not supported on Coffee lake hardware (considering they technically should be by an ASUS dev interview), as Z390 is designed for 8 cores, so you can realistically bet that your Z370 motherboard won't support the 8 core later on, if history is anything to go by.
      Ram 16gigs+ (32gigs if possible) 3.0 is capable of chewing a heavy 12.5 - 15.5 gigs of volatile ram; (partly due to optimization needed on the higher side of the memory limits shown, aka memory leakage). This will only go up as we get closer to launch of the Beta, and 16gigs is soon becoming the limiting factor not too far off. As we'll start seeing more assets and features being introduced into the game, which will reduce memory bandwidth. Don't forget alot of back ground process's use up ram aswell, so having to close down web browser tabs and other programs might be a common annoyance for people opperating with 16gigs.
      This could change with optimization but by how much is unknown so deside at your own discretion!
      Motherboard When it comes to motherboards (in general) and CPU overclocking, the rule of thumb is not to cheap out. A good power delivery equates to a better and more stable overclock. A Lot of board manufactures cheap out on PCB components, resulting in poor quality boards. My personal advice would be to research your boards in your given price range, to get your best bang for buck. But considering this is going to be a build for Star Citizen, you'll want to have something decent that will last you awhile, as Overclocking these days is so incredibly simple and very safe from the times of the past, so there's no reason you shouldn't have even a small overclock.
      A good  Example of what boards may suit people in a given price range; (look up relative board types depending on our build or vendor "Intel / AMD", / Enthusiast / Workstation, (Z390-AM4  /  X299-Thread-Ripper) .
      GPU While graphics is one of the most expensive parts of the build, it’s generally deemed not as high on the priority list over CPU and Motherboard. This is generally because GPU’s 'had' a shorter life span over the rest of the system. This is changing mainly due to the price gouging both vendors are doing mainly for two reasons.
      (1) lack of competition on the high end. Nvidia can price whatever they like, because they know the majority customers will buy their products. $3000 Titan V over last gens Titan Xp $1200 for over double the price? You'd expect double the performance in both applications and gaming. But realistically it will be only a 15% increase.
      (2) Cryptocurrency mining. AMD’s cards are very good workstation cards that are excellent at mining, as Vega GPU are basically cut down deep learning cards and rebranded gaming GPU's; (Which is why their gaming performance is pants over Nvidia). This is why theres both a shortage of GPU's and a price hike aswell.
      Much Like Motherboards some vendors cheap out on components. I would avoid powercolor for example as they are repeat offenders when it comes to this practise. Youtube break down videos from tech outlets like Buildzoid are the places to go to, apon looking for a decent built GPU.
      4k Max -1080TI / Titan (pascal)+
      4k - 1080 / Vega 64
      Ultrawide 3440x1440 - 1080 / 1070TI / Vega 64 / 56
      2k / 1440p Max or high refresh rate - 1070 / Vega 56
      Ultrawide 2560x1080 - Rx580 / 1070
      1440p 60-100 FPS -  RX580
      1080p - RX580 / 1060 (6gig)
      8 gig Vram minimum on the GPU would be a wise and safer bet.
      PSU is the beating heart of a PC system. Buying a high grade “gold plus” is sensible as a poor grade PSU’s can and will destroy any if all of your components if they fail. Good top quality brands are Superflower and Corsair and EVGA.
      Superflower are one of the best OEM's for power supplies on the market. They make the highest quality power supplies.
      The EVGA G2 and G3 are based on Super Flower's Leadex Gold platform.
      Base Level: Between 80% and 82%.
      Bronze: Between 83% and 85%.
      Silver: Between 85% and 88%.
      Gold: Between 88% and 92%.
      Platinum: Between 92% and 94%.
      Titanium: The highest 80 PLUS rating; any power supply that operates at 95% or above efficiency.

      Case the golden rule is air flow. While some may look amazing like the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Tempered Glass it suffers with very poor air flow.
      Whereas something like the Anidees AI-Crystal has both looks and great airflow.
      Make sure your case supports the motherboard size of your choosing also!

      Storage, it goes without saying that Flash memory is far superior to HDD’s in terms of read writes and load times. So having your OS on 250GB SSD Drive, and having SC on another 250GB SSD would be ideal for headroom later on, depending on expansions and additional content.
      Having a big HDD (2TB) for random files and photos is a good idea as well.
    • By Caldon
      Several reviews of the upcoming Intel 8th gen CPU's have leaked, and they look like AMD needs to watch out.
      In the reviews (with synthetic benchmarks here) it looks like the 8700K manages to slightly outperform the vaunted 1800X at multicore.
      If this is true, the 8700K is an incredible CPU, as it actually manages to outperform a CPU with 25% more cores and a (presumed) +150 euro pricetag, depending on where you live. Not to mention that it manages to seriously outpace it in gaming. Could Intel have stolen the price/performance crown from AMD here?
      Lastly, the reviews state that the 8600K was overclocked to 5.1GHz. While this is great, the CPU got up to temps of 92 degrees C. Still. Perhaps Intel learned from their critics regarding TIM. October 5th will be an interesting day, guys.
    • By Jon1812
      Hey fellow citizens, I'm looking to buy a couple Radeon R9 290x graphics cards. 
      If you have one, please PM me with a price. Thanks!
    • By Donut
      Just received a K95 Platinum keyboard from Amazon today, and figured I would write a short comparison review verses each keyboard if anyone else was considering getting either one.
      Logitech G910 Orion Spark
      - Amazing feeling when actuating the key
      - LED's are bright and uniform across the board
      - Feels like good quality, sturdy keyboard that will last a long time
      - The key caps cut shape takes some getting used to. Shouldn't have to spend another $30-$40 for normal keycaps, should be included.
      - The keys are too close together, and often have words that lookjn klikew thjisa
      - The LED RGB software is basic and leaves the user feeling bland. It's too simple, and you can't combine profile's or do whatever you like with the RGB. Some parts of the keyboard such as the M1-MR keys don't change colors, and your media keys are also a static baby blue color. Also, the colors aren't exactly right. The red is like a very dark orange and the white isn't a true white, it definitely has a noticeable blue.
      - The wrist rest leaves you wanting more, it's too sloped for comfortable typing and there is no option for a cushioned attachable pad
      The Logitech G910 Orion Spark is a decent keyboard for gaming, but the constant backspacing and having to type on the less than ideal wrist rest is not ideal for a keyboard trying to be the "top dog". I do have to say that while it does have those faults, it's an amazing feeling to actually type on. I just don't believe enough R&D went into this product, and I cannot recommend this to someone wanting an end all keyboard for gaming and general everyday use.
      Rate it 7/10. While it does have its faults, it is still a great looking keyboard and the keys do feel great to type on, but falls short on ergonomics, software and presentation. 
      Let me just add that while trying to uninstall the most recent Logitech software, I started to immediately experience BSOD crashes and it said error "LGBusEnum.sys". Upon some research, it's a known issue even through several recent versions of the software. The only way to fix it is to go back to an earlier version of Windows before installing and do a System Restore, then go into Device Manager and disable Logitech Gaming Virtual Bus Enumerator. 

      Corsair K95 Platinum (Gunmetal Grey)
      - Extremely fast and light key presses
      - LED's are bright and also feature three illumination modes on the keyboard itself
      - Feels heavy due to the aluminum finish, don't expect this keyboard to start sliding on you.
      - The overall finish is excellent and I do recommend the Gunmetal Grey over the black finish
      - Comes with an extra set of "Gaming" keys, and they texture feels nice without a cheap  rubbery feel like competitors gaming keys
      - USB pass-through. I honestly thought I'd never use it but I'm using it now and wish I had started way back when
      - The fold out legs offer very good rubberized grip where some competitors don't offer any grip at all, and the height raised feels great
      - The included wrist rest, unlike the G910, is completely removable and you can flip the magnetic mat ontop for a smooth or textured finished (personally prefer the texture)
      - Braided USB cord
      - None, except the keys are very light to press, and the typing keys vs the Enter, Backspace etc feel different but still an amazing experience typing. If you don't like light actuated keys this is not the keyboard for you.
      The Corsair K95 Platinum is an overall great experience. Everything from the packaging and presentation, the way the keys feel while typing, the included wrist rest, and extra gaming keys. I have to say that I highly recommend this product over the Logitech G910 Orion Spark and also the Spectrum, different being the Spectrum offers traditional keys and slightly different wrist rest. 
      Everything from software, packaging, gaming and general typing makes this keyboard the top dog of keyboards based on my experience so far. 
      Rate it 9/10, only because this is a $200 keyboard and a lot of people cannot afford peripherals this expensive. If they lowered the price to perhaps $150-$175 there would be a larger user base.