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Complete Alpha Super Hornet Package (CCU'd) at cost. Includes Fees.


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Hi folks!


I have an *Alpha* Super Hornet Package (CCU'd from Omega) for sale below RSI cost.
Alpha means you get automatic access to all modules (Dogfight, FPS, Social/PU) - no extra payments required! It's *all* included.. even Squadron 42 (unlike the latest Omegas). That's an extra $15 you'll never have to spend. 
This package includes everything you need to be combat ready for the PU with plenty of practice beforehand in the UUE's premier fighter!
│       Ship         │     Type      │ Equiv CIG │ Paypal (USD) │ PayPal (AUD)

│ Alpha Super Hornet │  Package CCU  │   $180    │    $170          $215     

Enough chart shenanigans. I'm open to reasonable offers. Price includes fees. Verified Paypal only. Only looking for USD or AUD; I have way too much RSI credit.
Keep in mind that I'm in Australia (GMT+10), so our intersecting hours may vary.
Ask any questions at all, happy to answer
Note: Active Imperium fleet members receive $5 discount.
Furthermore, AUD to AUD sales will receive an extra $5 off, a big thanks and a cooey.


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Honoured to meet you, Sir! (Not being facetious here, I'm quite serious, guys my age - middle age.. in a quite peaceable nation - have no comprehension what you've had to do in your life, and our "free" world owes a debt of gratitude)

That's pretty significantly below my cost, but if it just doesn't move, you'll be my first port of call.

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I thank you, Sir, for your gracious response.  It seems that you and I are in the same age bracket, as I just turned 50 in July and we are also both Gentlemen as well.  I am from the Great State Of Mississippi originally, though I live in Oregon now, and can rightfully claim the title and mantle of a Southern Gentleman.  Men of Manners, Respect, and Breeding like us are a dying breed, alas...   I have added you as a friend, Sir and hope we shall explore the vast reaches of the universe together someday. 


I would be able to come up some, from my initial offer.  No where near the $175 you are seeking, but I could probably stretch my financial structure up to $125, if you dont find another deal more attractive to your person.   In any event, please do keep me apprised of its status Sir, I would be indebted to you.

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