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Complete All ships under store cost


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these ships are upgrades from aurora and come all with 6 month insurance.

they are all under melt value.



SuperHornet ________________________160$    -->melt  value 165RSI

Hornet Track with alpha package_________140$     -->melt value 155RSI 

Hornet Track ________________________120$    -->melt value 140RSI 

Cutlass Blue ________________________145$    -->melt value 150RSI  


upgrade Cutlass Red to Blue ____________55$ 

Advocacy Tool_______________________10$ 






HID45: payment received, upgrade sent received

T3N5H1: payment received, upgrade sent received

Pholodius: Payment received, upgrade received

Irres: Payment received, upgrade received

Rakhir: payment received, upgrade sent Received

magnusson: payment received, upgrade sent Received

Calibr3tto: payment received, account shipped

dorfski: payment received, upgrade  sent Received

newzyone: payment received, coat received

Aviator: payment received, Super Hornet sent Received

Glavius: payment received, fleet sent Received








WarThunder account lvl69_________________80$ or near equivalent SC items SOLD on other Venue


ED account sold to Calibr3tto

EliteDangerous beta+ Lifetime DLC____________100$ or near equivalent SC items


that is the Ravyyn account I bought some days ago:

The game is cool, but I don't like it, so if you want it you can have,

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