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Mal Caindenite

Looking for Crew members on a Redeemer

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I would just join the crew as i'm waiting for the PU to get out of my Mustang ;)

what do you want to fly? you can change the Mustang into may different ship. look them up on https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/extras?product_id=66and map out how you can change your ship, youcan mad it into another ship way cheaper then buying another standalone ship. look at my example here,  I used cross chassis upgrades on my M-50 >F7C>Tracker costing me only $50, I saved $90, buying a Hornet Tracker standalone is $140 was cheaper this way.

now you can map out a path to change your Mustang, I wish you good luck on what ever ship you pick.

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What a coincidence I just picked up a Redeemer.   :lol:


but I will crew on others' as well

Well a Redeemer is much more them a Gunship/dropship it is also a mobile flak cannon platform if you position them in the right formation. food for thought for you and the other Redeemer ownwers.

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Feel free to look me up in game - Name is Meatmachine. 

My intended role is combat support, so everything you need from a mercenary. 


I've had the game forever, but was waiting for 3.0 to cut my teeth on it.  I am eager to crew on anything that pays.




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