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Star Citizen Poll


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Quite an interesting poll on the SC forum.








RSI Thread




4500 have taken it so far. Shows a lot of the thinking and background of backers.


For example

61% of people aren't really interested in being a pirate. 39% are either somewhat of very interested.


35% of the participants want it to take more than 48 hours to travel across the Universe. 


11% have not played AC, 20% have not tried AC 1.0!

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yep did it the other day. It was quiet interesting to see the results afterwards.


I do hope it takes a very very long time to cross the whole galaxy, that way every single decision you do matters. If you go to help out killing vanduul, you won't be able to be at Terra 5 minutes later for a date. On top of that the universe is absolutely massive and that would add heaps of immersion to it :)

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Fun stuff, but overall this sort of thing is meaningless.


It is like any other poll at this stage. Less than 5,000 responses against the number of actual accounts makes this of little value to me. (I did it, but as I said, low value). Note also that people actually listed that they had an Orion, which is still in the wishful stage. So how truthful was that result?


Anything that does not have over 50,000 participants is just looking at the more vocal crowd and that is not necessarily a good thing.

We at Imperium also can fall prey to this. A poll that has 100 to 200 votes against over 3,000 members cannot be said to have a true majority opinion about anything. It may sway our leadership into moving in a certain direction, but saying it is a majority opinion is at best undeserving


A slew of the new [CONCERN] polls and threads are much the same. Caterwauls and complaints that are fed by people who want a specific thing done THEIR WAY. The few really good ones seem to get swamped by the lesser ones.

My CONCERN is that CIG gives things like this more weight than they deserve. It is horrible to think that a mere 5,000 users (or less) would sway the entire Verse and how it ends up.


My predominate hope is that Chris Roberts will remain true to his dream of the Best Damn Space Sim Ever, and not be pulled into the void by naysayers and whiners. - DRUM out

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Pretty interesting survey, just finished filling it, and I share @Drum's concerns about the validity of this poll, most of the answers seem to be legit but you just have to read the gender answers (velociraptors? meat popsicles? :wacko: ) to see that some people don't take this kind of surveys very seriously


Really interesting poll! I hope a lot more people take it, it would be interesting to see the results on a bigger scale.

P.S. the results for question 7 total more than 100%


I think it's because it was a multiple choice answer, you can see that too at question 34

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Hardest question "How much research did you do before pledging?" There wasn't much info back then. Only the website and the kickstarter page^^



One can actually own the Orion (even the Hull-C). The (new) Completionist package has both. Though it's odd that there are more Orions than Hull Cs. 

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I was a little surprised by question 4 (Your Age). Figured there would be slightly more geezers in the mix (with it being a PC game and Star Sim). Guessed the 32-52 year olds would be around 20-25% instead of 17%. Though that may be because a lot of people (78%) found the survey from that darn blasted new fangled Reddit thing. That may skew the answers?

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