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In need of POWER

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So my old and trusty psu has an issue....the fan stopped working after 6 years...(i have a PC Power and Cooling silencer 750w quad)


Most probaly i will replace the fan and give to a friend of mine.

So i am considering the option to buy a new psu


The candidates are:


Silencer® MK III 750w - Can't find it in CZ
Super Flower Leadex Gold 650W  - one store only has it

Seasonic G-750



any suggestions



Some more info regarding my Desktop PC


CPU: i5-4590



Ram: 2x Corsair Vegeance 8gb 1600 cl9

SSD: Samsung 840 128gb

HDD: Seagate Baracuda 500gb

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As of February 12, 2014 FirePower Technology has acquired the power supply assets of OCZ Technology Group and PC Power and Cooling.


Source:  (Under "Power Supplies")




Also Enermax doesn't make 'ALL' of their own PSUs.  Keep that in mind.




Seasonic is made in USA and Super Flower is made in Japan.  Both will make you very happy.  Seasonic is function, Super Flower is well..  pretty.


Seasonic has my vote, but if you have money to wipe your butt with, might as well go exotic.




This list you made was clearly put together with some hard knowledge.  Makes me smile ;)

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I am looking it up all afternoon and still can't decide.... at first i thought the G series ,then moved to X series after the warranty and i read in a review that Platinum-660 has the best efficiency... So i will give you the price range base on Google currency calculator from czk to usd/euro are


G-650                 :  3143 czk / 135.56 usd / 113.6 euro


X-650                 :  3552 czk / 153.21 usd / 128.39 euro


Platinum-660     :  3787 czk / 163.34 usd / 136.88 euro

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      Hey Citizens,

      As the title says, I'm not sure about something. It is probably a noob thing, sorry.

      My conundrum:
      My power supply (Corsair RM1000x) comes with 2x 8pin to 8pin cables, both labeled CPU. I'm no genius, but I assume these aren't for PCIE devices.
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