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Need a Gaming Chair - Newegg has 'em

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I really want the AirForce version :)






Unfortunately, it's $460, but if you turn the middle arm into a small desk by attaching a board and placing your keyboard or gamepad and mouse on it, you have FPS and pilot controls in one place.   This is what I'll be using once I get the Oculus with my rig behind me. Very small, contained game "room."  The side platforms are adjustable for height and front/back placement, and the centeral one just for fixed slope height=distance. And it reclines. :) 

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You know, unfortunately the seats look like they would become damn uncomfortable about two hours into a serious gaming session they could use thicket seat padding perhaps with gel or springs and lower lumbar support. It will be essential to have heavier gas piston and good wheels with ball bearings like the old skateboard and roller skate wheels. for long term usage not just have to replace it in two or three years. But of course that is just my two cents.

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