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Aegis Idris Frigate

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I doubt CIG will put it in - maybe as an Easter egg - but we should do our own version! An Imperium Top Gun supercut. We can do one per capital or do a mashup.

Heck, maybe we could use it as a recruitment vid! In any case we'd make CR proud. 

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It's such a little thing that requires so much effort but I'm still incredibly impressed CIG's putting in deck crew NPCs. For me, one of the most exciting aspects is the crew manager for multi-crew and capital ships. 

That I'll be able to get a crew in my Idris, complete from janitors to deck crew? Hell yeah! So psyched. 

Also means we'll have a lot of assets for cinematics! I believe FiendishFeather animated the crew. Taking in-game animations will make the process easy enough for scrubs like me to make cool films. 

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Yep. Provided this is possible once everything is said and done, its a powerful argument for me to learn lumberyard and etc. so that I can make a shot for shot Top Gun in Star Citizen. The whole movie. Including the volleyball scene (or a volleyball game stand-in). 

Space Basketball is semi-confirmed on the Javelin at least.

This of course means that I'd need to probably make a NAS Miramar set (because CIG probably won't do it, and the Marines took it over a few years back...so now its not the same at all). Guess I'd better get started if I'm going to render the entire base. Can you imagine going to the O-Club? Singing with your wingman? Going to a bar outside of San Diego to sing Jerry Lee Lewis on a honky tonk piano right with your wingman (minutes before he gets murdered by the canopy on your hornet), his hot wife, and your girlfriend?

Yes. Yes. Yes. I can see it now. I'll Call it Top Citizen. Or or Star Gun. Or maybe Chris Roberts' Flight Academy: The Movie!

Whats the appropriate stand-in for an F-14? Is it the obvious Super Hornet? Or perhaps a Hurricane?

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