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2 x Mustang Omega

Hi guys!


As I am currently gifting away my only Mustang Omega here to lift up the SC Christmas Spirit I am yet again looking to buy 2 Mustang Omegas to fill up my Hangar. Yes, I know I dont need that many Omegas but well... I like that design.

I will pay through either PayPal or Option 2 I could gift you a Game on Steam for the price of the ships, your choice.

Price is negotiable but I am looking for aroung 40-45$ for both.



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You can only activate only one promotion code on the account. But I can gift my mustang omega for $20 via PP gift.

You can activate as many as you want if you contact CS. They have to unlock for EACH code though so it gets tedious after a while. They have definitely had patience with me...

Source: I have more than I can count.

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That is AWESOME! Are there any more in the hangar which are not on the pic?

Not currently, but maybe more soon m8. :)


One of the best looking ships thats hanger ready from my PoV.

If you are still looking to pick up 2 Mustangs Heart, I would highly suggest buying them of ebay.




Thats where I got my 6 babys.

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