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Guide to DK2 setup for StarCitizen


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For those of you who have DK2, here is an unofficial way to use it with Star Citizen. Please visit the original link to give the original authors some love for their hardwork =)


Original link https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/210000/guide-to-dk2-setup-for-starcitizen


This guide is intended to help other DK2 owners get the best VR experience while we await official support. This guide will assume you have experience setting up the Oculus Rift DK2 in extended mode @ 75Hz and you can handle working with windows through the DK2. 

Be warned: This is far from perfect and you will need a powerful machine to run this. However, with the teamwork of some of our fellow members, we are getting closer.

UPDATED 12/9/2014

Follow these steps exactly:

Set up HeadTracking:
1. Download Opentrack (green button)
2. Put the files somewhere sensible
3. Start Opentrack.exe
4. Set “Tracker” to Oculus Rift
5. Set “Protocol” to Freetrack 2.0 Enhanced
6. Click “Mapping” and set TZ to 16.000 cm – Return to main screen
7. Click "Keys" and set a hotkey combination for centering DK2 – Return to main screen
8. Power on the DK2
9. Click “Start” (you should see the Octopus icon move in relation to the DK2)
10. Use this Opentrack profile: Profile (Clean)

Setup Star Citizen:
1. Make sure this file is in your "StarCitizen\CitizenClient\USER" folder (If it does not exist, create it):


2. Place the follow text in the file (Suggested resolutions are intentional):

sys_spec_full = 1
r_Fullscreen = 1
r_Width = 1800
r_Height = 1920
r_sharpening = 0.2
r_ChromaticAberration = 0
cl_fov = 48
cl_mp_fov_scalar = 5
r_StereoDevice = 100
g_StereoFrameworkEnable = 1
r_stereomode = 1
r_StereoScreenDist = -0.25
r_StereoEyeDist = 0.030
r_StereoOutput = 4
r_stereostrength = 1.1

3. Set the game.cfg file to "Read-Only" or the game may overwrite it (you'll have to un-tick "Read-Only" every time you edit and then re-tick once you're done)
4. Power-on the rift (if it is off)
5. Set Rift to Extended-mode
6. Set Rift as main display
7. Start Star Citizen
8. Once your hangar loads press “~” and type “r_motionblur = 0 “ otherwise you'll get a nasty motion blur effect in your right eye while flying
9. Enjoy!

-Other resolution settings will work but you MUST maintain the same aspect ration:

****** "r_StereoEyeDist" This value is user-dependent. Start at 0.020 and work up by increments of 0.005 (nobody has a IPD-to-StereoEyeDisp converter that I know of)
I'll keep working at this. My IPD in the Oculus Configuration Utility is 64.0mm. 64.0mm = r_StereoEyeDist = 0.030

-Do not forget you can turn your detail level down or change the resolution in the cfg files if you experience poor performance.

-If you find yourself looking at the back of your character, remember the "centering" hotkeys you set in OpenTrack. You may have to move your head around a bit.

-Fov is not perfect and you might be more comfortable with a different setting. Change the value of “cl_fov” as needed.

-You may notice that the output is Side-by-Side. I have been unsuccessful in using “r_StereoOutput = 7” for the OR (it is a curved display to account for the lens warp). Because of this, you will want to spend some time tweaking the fov until it is comfortable.

-I will update this post with the most relevant settings as we discover them.

I did not do this alone, so I want to say thank you to everyone who has had a hand in this endeavour, here and across the internet. They include, but are not limited to your fellow citizens- Audax Phidippus, Xedis, Magnum. Without them - this information would not exist.

Edit: Stereostrength and Resolution Updated
Edit2: Updated and simplified setup / added basic information on finding IPD (r_StereoEyeDist)
Edit3: Added additional working resolution settings

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