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Hello citizens!


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Hello All!


I'm an SC backer with a DUR and a 315p to add to the cause.  I'm mostly looking to do some exploring and probably some light trading to pay the bills.


I've been lurking for a bit, and the Imperium really looks like the type of org that will look out for each other when the PU drops.



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@Vedrin5, welcome to the Imperium!


There are many squadrons amongst the divisions of exploration and trade to choose from that will assist you in obtaining your goal. Dedicate yourself to your brothers and sisters of the Imperium Vedrin; and know, no matter what comes, that they will be dedicated to you.

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@Vedrin5 Welcome to the Base and many here a pros at lurking and that's a good thing. Being part of T&I,  would like to mention what you wrote;  "probably some light trading to pay the bills", well being a family and having most of my ships dedicated for the T&I will always be available to assist you to make extra cash.  Just give a holler and we'll go gold digging.

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