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Synergy Command is recruiting all members. Our aim is to become the biggest and most powerful fleet/clan/group in the Star Citizen universe with every major event from launch controlled by us. Synergy Command will be written in every lore page in the game and on the internet as the biggest most influential power to exist in the game.


But we can't achieve our goals without you guys. We need all the members we can find to command huge carriers under the Synergy Command banner or to control trade and the clans economy. Positions in the High Command are going fast and all men and women are needed for the success of this fleet. 




To become the biggest most influential fleet In Star Citizens, with the biggest member base and assistance network.


Synergy Command is looking for military members, freelancers, bounty hunters and miners that we will be able to assist us in our aim. All members have an equal chance to show of there unique skills and hope to fill a position in the high command. If you do not make it as a member in the high command, do not fret there are always chances to climb the ranks and maybe even command your own squadron or help with the finances and diplomacy of Synergy Command 


What We Offer:
Joining us will help you gain many opportunities as well as:

-A Friendly Immersive experience where you will always feel safe behind the might that is Synergy. we do not accept foul play among the clan member so if you are being targeted and continually abused by a fellow member or even a non member, you will have the support of the whole fleet behind you!
- Everyone's opinions are valid no matter how different it may seem all thoughts and suggestions are taken under advisement and will all help to make your life and the rest of the Star Citizen universe a better place.
- Synergy Command being the most powerful fleet in the known universe will always make sure that Synergy controlled space is a peaceful place for all members to go along with their business be it trade, mining, bounty hunting or even just preparing for exploration of unknown star systems.

We are accepting all members be you a member of the military who wishes to fly above and beyond his current position of command or just casual trader or explorer. All are welcome, Good Flying!
If you wish to join contact me,
 Synergy Second in command. Commander of Heavy Units. High Command Member.

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As it has been mentioned by my fellow Imperium brothers your goals very much align to ours in many ways and I like that fact you have a lot of optimism and big ideas for your fleet.


So I wish your the best and who knows we could achieve a many great things with both Imperium and Synergy working hand in hand  :)

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Thank you for the offer of joining with Imperium, but I am afraid that would not be possible. The members of the synergy high command love the idea of spear heading Assaults,major battles, mining operations, commanding huge fleets and carving a place in the lore of star citizens...but sadly this couldn't be accomplished if we joined with Imperium.

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